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Make The Perfect Print How Does The Brochure Coloring Page Printer Make The Perfect Print?
- May 21, 2018 -

In daily life, there is no need to print everywhere. There are many books and books for students in class, brochures and flyers for businesses, and packaging boxes and gift boxes for businesses. There are so many things in the printing. What can be done with perfection? It should pay attention to five points, the following book coloring page printing plant takes you to understand

      First, the use of ink should pay attention

Check sample and customer requirements, process requirements, color requirements, and ink usage requirements. The arrangement of each color sequence, the number of products, the amount of ink, and the mix of main colors should all be deeply understood. The coloring book printing factory of the album during the boot printing time, according to the mix of colors, the appropriate use of the original color ink, and a good grasp of the ratio, according to proofs for each color group ink hue deployment, so that the printing speed is stable, a little adjustment You can achieve proofs. In normal printing, the batch control of the hue is the same, and it is difficult for the ink varnisher. For example, the addition of a diluent can affect the color effect to a different extent. This requires that ink transfer personnel have a strong sense of responsibility.


      Second, sample inspection paper

      After the paper is officially printed, the amount of ink on the paper and the amount of water on the paper will change, and should be continuously checked, and then adjusted according to the situation. At the same printing speed, the ink supply and the amount of water are stable. In the state of the sample, a sampling inspection is performed at a rate of 500-1000 sheets per time.


      Third, the back is dirty

      "Backside smearing" is usually understood as: In offset printing, the ink of the previous print is not dry. After the next print is randomly stacked on it, the ink of the previous print may be transferred to the back of the next print. Generally, when the printed matter is printed on a large area, it is easy for the back side to be dirty.


      Fourth, check whether the overprint is qualified

      Remove 20 to 30 consecutive prints. After finishing, remove the edges of the paper and check that the front and side gauges are positioned correctly (two overprint checks are possible).


      Fifth, pay attention to other matters

      Ink replenishment, agitation and wetting fluid replenishment; dirty work; abnormal printing presses.

      Through the above explanation, know how to print the perfect print, right? Cheung Lee album color pages printing plant is one-stop one-stop printing custom services. For customers to create a perfect package, pictures, etc., welcome to consult!

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