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Manual Print Manual Design Print UV Offset What Are The Requirements For Printed Materials?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

For the manual design printing and printing UV offset printing, after understanding the necessary configuration of the offset printing machine, let's look at what are the requirements for printing materials.

    1. UV ink

    UV inks are light-curable, absorbing inks. Because many cards require film lamination, their own functions are particularly important. The hub has two points: First, it needs high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. It does not change color and does not fade under the high temperature and high pressure of the laminating machine. Second, the bonding force between the plastic film and the plastic film is large, and the minimum standard needs to reach the pulling force of 6N. In addition, the selection of UV inks used in card printing is also an equal hinge. In addition to guaranteeing the ink's own quality specifications, it must also match the UV light wavelength of the printing press. Because many manufacturers use colorful inkjet drafts as the original printing, it is advisable to choose the standard hue of yellow and magenta when choosing the ink. Blue ink. In addition, when spot color inks are dispensed, inks with low viscosity and good activity should be selected as much as possible. The Ark inks in Europe are preferred.

   2. Special printing plate

UV offset printing plate wear-resistant, resistant to printing, when the machine stops halfway without maintenance adhesive, the old version can be used again, and is very suitable for UV ink handling, high reduction ratio when printing, can basically reach 2% of the outlets Do not lose, 98% of outlets can be resolved. Now that Fujitsu's UV version is of good quality, considering the cost of printing, on a short-lived batch, the text version can be properly applied to the general version, but the film is extremely fragile and should be carefully printed.

   3. Blanket and bag lining

   In order to ensure the best transferability and dot reproducibility of UV inks, it is best to use air-cushion blanket because of its outstanding acid resistance and oil resistance. Hydrophobic and outstanding ink transfer function can ensure that the dot deformation during the printing process is minimal, the printed graphic is clear, the reproducibility of the high-profile part is good, and the plate wear is small.

   Eraser roller liner lining is better than neutral, because the surface of PVC and other sheets is rough, which can easily lead to high printing dot gain rate. The use of neutral hard liner can make the dot clear, bright and reproducible. , The appearance of the figure changes a little, and the increase in the width of the graphic and printed sheets is relatively small.

  4. PVC and other sheets

    Sheets such as PVC have the distinction between bright and matt surfaces. The bright surface is flat and the matt surface is rough. The selection of the printing surface is important, which can prevent many printing quality problems. Normally, the matt side of the sheet such as PVC is used as the printing surface to ensure that the ink will not be pulled or printed when the ink is printed on the ground. The adhesion between the ink and the data is strong, and the ink is full and does not show white spots. In addition, the printing pressure is appropriately increased by 0.02 to 0.05 mm from the standard pressure.

  5. Auxiliary materials

    UV offset printing used car wash, blanket cleaning agent. Cleaning solution, etc. are best to use special products, which for UV ink roller. The life and function of UV blankets and UV plates are particularly important. Of course, the cost will be higher, but it can be flexibly used according to the actual situation. Make sure to clean the ink roller once a week. Use a special revert agent to clean the blanket when it is stopped. This will not only ensure the useful elasticity of the blanket, but also ensure that the color balance will always be avoided and the color difference will be avoided.


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