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Network Printing Carton Printing Plant To Understand The Fundamentals Of Network Printing In Order To Face The Future
Apr 20, 2018

In China, there are several printing platforms with vibrant network tray printing plants, such as Retouching Network and Happy Printing. They are optimistic about the future and continue to move forward. However, there are also different voices. In recent days, an article by a veteran of traditional printing companies that “internetizes the wall” has been circulating in print groups and has caused a lot of repercussions. The reason is that his confusion has aroused the sympathy of many people.

Mr. Sun (a pseudonym) has more than ten years of experience in the printing industry of carton printing. His printing factory used to have four large-scale printing presses, more than 100 employees, and an average annual turnover of more than 50 million yuan. However, it was difficult to do business in recent years. He believes that the reason comes from the impact of the Internet. So he withdrew from the printing company's shares, intends to embrace the Internet, he participated in all kinds of venture capital activities in Beijing, listen to entrepreneurs and investors, and look forward to expanding the resources within the circle. When he started to form a team himself, he could not find anyone to communicate with him and turn his need for carton printing into an internet product. At this time, he was advised to find a product manager to solve his problem. problem.

Unfortunately, he could not find a product manager and had no alternative but to find a way to outsource his needs to a software company and set aside a budget of 1 million yuan. Even so, he was still worried that the other party's asking price would exceed the budget. In fact, he also asked some investors to talk about, but he did not have a "map" to success, where there will be investors?

Coincidentally, there are several domestic traditional printing companies with more prominent technologies. They have invested in online printing platforms. They have not given up on the IT team and network platform, and have continued to print in the traditional way. After a few years, they have still tried and failed to find a direction.

The author believes that the above results are related to four reasons.

First, Baidu's “printing” will get more than 100 million links. You will build more of a printing website or platform. In fact, in the sea, with 100 million identical links, it’s no different for your printing customers. Not great.

Second, before finding and investing to burn money, we must know the Jingdong Online Shopping Mall. Its goal is to target the national market. Today, from selling electrical appliances to selling everything, it has not been profitable, but it has also attracted investment in investment funds and firewood has not been cut off. There is no profit in two or three years of online printing. You are soft-handed, venture capitalists, and busy. Why bother?

Third, the product manager of network printing, if not the CEO of the printing factory, went to the IT industry to find it, just as it was hard to find polar bears in Antarctica!

Fourth, the network platform can be outsourced, but if you do not have the IT capability to maintain development, the future network business will certainly change faster than the traditional one. Looking for an outsourced software company to write program support may also be unsustainable.

Network carton printing plant printing is bound to become the mainstream. Today, there are many carton printers who use network capabilities to find print business partners everywhere. The successful experience of other industries can be used for reference, but you can draw on the gourd! In order to face the future, the printing factory must first understand the fundamentals of network printing and draw a GPS “map” that can convince them to have a future.


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