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New Anilox Roller Technology
Jan 11, 2019

When we talked about the anilox roller technology, we paid more attention to the matching of the number of screen-receiving lines and the number of anilox roller lines, which was 1:4 at first, and then increased to 1:5, 1:6, 1:7. A basic principle of the basis is that the minimum dot diameter of the printing plate must be greater than or equal to the opening diameter of the anilox roll cell to prevent the minimum dot of the printing plate from being inserted into the anilox roll cell. The improvement of the mesh shape of the laser ceramic anilox roller around the optimum ratio of the depth of the cell to the diameter of the opening is based on this basic theory. Generally, the depth of the cell is 23% to 33% of the diameter of the opening, and the optimum ratio is 28 %.

In recent years, there has also been a connected anilox roll on the market that is very similar to the electroglotting gravure pass technology, as shown in Figure 1. The connected anilox roller can reduce the complicated anilox roller to 4 to 5 types, and the amount of ink transfer can be significantly improved in the same type of ink storage roller. Why emphasize the amount of ink stored in the anilox roller? Because the "concave and soft" is not the same as the traditional anilox roller, it must be considered to greatly increase the color density of the ink, because the gravure dot has two dimensions, both the size and the depth. The flexo dot is only one-dimensional, so the anilox roller with large or large ink storage capacity will be a tool to solve the problem of "concave and soft". A connected anilox roll is an anilox roll technology that solves this problem. At present, domestic anilox manufacturers have this technology.

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