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Offser Printing Into A New Era Innovative Technology Promotes Offset Printing Into A New Era Of Environmental Protection And Intelligence
May 28, 2018

KBA has always been a leader in the field of offset printing, not only the oldest printing press manufacturer, but also the pioneer of ecological printing in the world. In 1812 Friedrich Konig made the first steam-driven drum press in London. 200 years later, KBA launched the KBA RotaJET 76 inkjet rotary press for the growing digital printing market at drupa 2012. With sales of approximately 11 billion euros in 2013, KBA has global innovators and technology trends in many fields. It has the world's widest sheet-fed offset press and the world's safest tin printing press.

KBA has always been adhering to the concept of environmental protection and is committed to reducing emissions and improving the energy consumption of printing presses from the printing process and design. In 2000, it became the world's first printing press manufacturer to receive “emission testing qualified”. In order to improve the environmental performance of offset printing presses, KBA began to innovate in technologies such as powder suction, EES emission systems, cleaning solutions, ink system design, and IPA reduction.

In terms of technology, KBA mainly starts with KBA DriveTronic, KBA CleanTronic, KBA VariDry and KBA Messtechnik modules. These automation modules can reduce preparation time, reduce rejects, and achieve maximum print quality while optimizing energy consumption. Among them, KBA DriveTronic includes DriveTronic SIS induction paper feeding system, DriveTronic SPC synchronous plate exchange system, DriveTronic Plate Ident plate identification system, Flying JobChange non-stop high-speed job replacement system, DriveTronic SFC synchronous coating plate exchange system; KBA CleanTronic It is a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain system that can significantly increase production capacity, shorten preparation time and cleaning time, and reduce maintenance expenditure, thus saving costs. It consists of the CleanTronic Synchro synchronous cleaning system and DriveTronic SRW synchronized ink roller cleaning system; KBA VariDry mainly includes infrared hot air dryers for aqueous coating varnishes, UV dryers for UV ink printing and coating varnishes, combination dryers for hybrid printers, and for highly reactive inks. A dedicated UV dryer for printing; to maintain a consistent level of excellence, KBA launched the KBA Messtechnik module, investing heavily in register control, color control and inspection, and introduced online and on-line technology.

At the same time, in order to help customers effectively manage energy consumption, KBA has specially developed the VISUenergy energy management system. The system has the following features. The first is to fully control the printing process. Take the Rapida press as an example. It includes a network server equipped with at least 4 energy meters, 1 speed pulse meter, and 1 measurement data processing. It can continuously monitor the daily energy consumption and service life of the printing press. With easy-to-view real-time display, real-time energy consumption and machine speed can be displayed. Simply meet the minimum wiring requirements, you can quickly complete the power consumption numerical analysis for all measuring points through the web server, through a standard web browser Clear and clear statistical data and on-site reports are displayed to fully control the state of the machine's operation. The second is measurement data. The VISUenergy energy management system collects all energy meter measurements on the web server and automatically saves all measurement data to the SD card for a long period of time, including a time stamp as a CSV file, and can be output in real time using a standard web browser. Data and past data. In general, the VISUenergy energy management system can help print companies improve their public image and understand their energy consumption information in detail.

KBA has been making every effort to promote the intelligentization and environmental protection of offset printing, and has never stopped on the road to technological innovation.

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