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Offset Digital Embarkation Journey
- May 28, 2018 -

In the digitalization of the printing industry, offset printing, with its more than 100 years of development and long-term technological accumulation, continuously integrates high technologies such as computer technology, microelectronics, and network technology to perform innovations in offset printing automation and intelligent production. change. Below, let us take a look at the wonderful performance of offset printing in the digital journey.

Ink control intelligence

Now that printing profits are becoming increasingly thin, how to minimize costs and improve efficiency has become a topic of concern to printing company operators. Offset ink-saving software, ink preset technology and closed-loop color control system application is the mainstream of ink intelligent control.

1. Ink Saver Software

The Inkjet software is another important innovation launched in the endless background of many printing ink control technologies and products. Its core idea is to use UCR or gray component substitution without affecting the printing quality. The GCR method uses less black ink to achieve the neutral gray effect formed by three-color ink overprinting. This method can not only achieve a more stable gray balance during the printing process, but also reduce the preparation time by about 1/4. , but also can save 5% to 25% of the total ink.

At present, major ink-saving software is in an endless stream. For example, ColorECO ink-saving software is an ink optimization application software, which can reduce offset ink consumption under the premise of maintaining the best printing quality; inkWIZE is a fast model launched by UK's Bodoni System Co., Ltd. Color service and ink saving software not only help printers save ink, shorten press time, reduce print failure, speed up printing, but also standardize files and convert color space.

In recent years, ink-saving software has become more mature. After many printing companies have introduced ink-saving software, the cost savings are considerable. Take a printing company in Dongguan as an example. After using Ink Saver software, the average total ink consumption is saved by about 14%, and the amount of printing and dusting powder is saved by about 30%. For example, more than 200 tons of inks are consumed each year, and annual consumption of printing and dusting powder is 5 Ton calculations can save a small amount of money. In addition, Inkwell's optimization of the printing process has also been recognized by printing companies. After Hualian Printing has introduced ink-saving software, not only has the gray balance been optimized, but also the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

Of course, there is still room for improvement in the province's ink technology, for example, how to expand the scope of application, and how to save more ink under the premise of guaranteeing the printing quality is still an urgent problem to be solved by Inkjet Software.

2 ink preset technology

The ink preset technology is a symbolic technology for printing production to enter the digital era. Its basic concept is to obtain the corresponding ink coverage rate according to the printing layout information before printing, and based on this, the opening of the ink key of the printing press is performed. Default. It changed the traditional printing operation mode, which was mainly based on past experience, so that the ink supply of the ink key is more accurate, the printing ink transfer time is shortened, and the boot waste rate is reduced.

At present, there are a number of manufacturers to introduce ink preset optimization system, such as InkZone connection ink preset system developed by Digital Information Graphic, Switzerland, using emulation ink storage media, can simulate Heidelberg's memory card, KBA's Rapida105 floppy disk drive Or Manroland offset printing machine chip card, equivalent to InkZone computer directly provides ink control data file to the ink control station; Press Link CIP4 ink presetting system uses the latest server client mode, can realize the ink data intelligence of multiple printing presses The management can realize the connection ink presetting of different brand printers such as Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Manroland, etc., and can also connect different prepress and printing equipments to realize online automatic ink release function. In addition, such as Jinhao CIP4 digital ink preset system, econoINK CIP3 ink preset system, high-tech DIPS digital ink preset system, and Cosmic electromechanical PCS-Print ink preset system, etc. Both have won market recognition.

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