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Offset, Interpretation Of Digital Highlights
- May 28, 2018 -

Nowadays, the concern of printing companies for offset printing technology has increasingly focused on finer color quality, more stable printing quality, less staffing, and more efficient process flow. All of these are pointing to the digitization of production. Equipment intelligence, process digitalization and process standardization are three major ways to achieve digital offset printing.

As a whole, the level of intelligent printing presses has increased significantly. It is not uncommon to automatically change the offset printing plate, automatically clean the ink path, deliver the paper without stopping the machine, and connect the quality inspection function. Many international offset press manufacturers also have a CIP3/4 interface on a sheet-fed offset press, so that the prepress information can be sent to the press through a digital interface to complete the corresponding automatic adjustment. The domestic brand offset press is also catching up with the intelligent equipment. Jiangsu Chang has already set up a digital interface and paper presetting system on its sheetfed offset press, which has made a great deal of progress for the traditional sheetfed offset press with digital technology in China. Good demonstration. It can be said that the trend of intelligent presses is unstoppable.

At the same time, the digital application of the offset printing process is further deepening. The digital workflow has long been a standard for modern printing companies. The application of ink presetting systems and central ink control systems has gradually matured, and the application of ink saving software and online color detection systems for printing products is gradually being pushed. The digitalization of the offset printing production process not only brings higher production efficiency to the company, but more importantly, the company has already benefited from the digitized circulation of the entire printing information. Of course, we must admit that technical products such as Inkwell software are still to be matured, but the general direction of digitization of offset printing production processes is already clear.

Offset digital production provides the possibility for printing companies to implement process standardization, while process standardization ensures the digital production of offset printing, making the production process more controllable, and the product quality is less affected by manpower. Although the process of standardizing the process is extremely cumbersome and needs to be persisted for a long time, due to its far-reaching impact on the enterprise, more and more companies are now actively practicing the process standardization and trying to engrave it into the “gene” of the company.

Offset printing is bringing about unprecedented digital vitality.

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