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Offset Printing 2018 All In Print Exhibition Five Major Aspects In Offset Printing Equipment Manufacturing
- May 31, 2018 -

Drupa2016 presented the world with a bright prospect for the development of printing equipment. Digital printing was the biggest highlight of this exhibition. Digital printing equipment manufacturers changed the situation in which traditional equipment manufacturers dominated previous exhibitions, but international traditional printing equipment manufacturers also completed digitalization. Although the digital printing market share has grown at a rapid rate, it cannot be compared with traditional printing methods such as offset printing. In addition, the segmentation of the printing and packaging market is changing year by year, and the development trend of the leading market in the future has been clearly defined.

2016 is the starting year for China's "13th Five-Year Plan." In July, China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association released the "China's printing industry technology development roadmap", at the same time, the printing machinery branch held a seminar on the development of printing machinery industry, drawing on the innovative technical information presented by the druba exhibition, proposed to deal with China The countermeasures and development plan for the continuous fermentation of downward pressure in the printing equipment industry will continue to promote the transformation of China's printing equipment manufacturing industry and integrate the development direction of digitalization, environmental protection, intelligence, and networking. In this regard, the industry has proposed a "new 28-character policy", namely, the environmental protection of the printing process, the digitization of printing information, the intelligentization of printing methods, and the convergence of printing links.

The Sixth China International All-India Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from October 18th to 22nd. This exhibition will connect the drupa exhibition's purpose of exhibition, and fully explain the development direction of China's printing industry technology. Before the opening of the exhibition, let us know in advance the new trends, new technologies and new products in the development of our country's printing equipment, so that we can prepare for visits and inspections.

One Aspect: Digital Upgrading of Traditional Offset Printing Equipment

1. Digitalization of traditional printing equipment ink delivery system

We all know that high-end ink inking machines generally use the ink remote control system. This device drives the ink partitions of the key ink fountains by servo motors, and controls the amount of ink to be divided to achieve the purpose of remote adjustment of ink color. Although the device has a memory function, its structure and adjustment are relatively complicated. The digital ink inking device adopts ink jet heads to ink ink, so as to achieve automatic control of the ink amount in the entire printing web and truly realize the digitalization of inking.

Gaussian graphic digital inking system has been applied to M600 commercial web offset press. The device's digital ink inking device uses a high-precision, low-torque, linear gear pump to deliver ink, allowing independent digital control. To make the ink fountain measure the ink pulse accurately, the system presets the ink volume by changing the digital pulse output, and changes the ink flow rate according to the image density so that the system accuracy can be adjusted in 0.1% increments. This feature can be better controlled. Printing of smaller images.

The water delivery device of the M600 commercial web offset press also enables the digital water jet structure to be upgraded. Of course, the original structure of ink string, string water, even ink, uniform water and other devices remain. It is expected that this structure of ink transfer and water transfer will be popularized on web printing presses and PS plate reciprocating label printing presses, and will become the development direction of the digitalization of the drive and control systems for offset presses, the digitization of ink control systems, and the digitization of tension control systems.

Recently, Hangzhou Kore launched the EZcolor all-digital metering ink control system, which was applied to the Ebara offset press of Liaoning Han Guanhua, realized the digital configuration of the ink system, and participated in the drupa exhibition. With this digital ink control system, digital proofing and complex ink adjustments can be omitted. The overprinting paper can be controlled within 10 sheets. This technology has reached the level of control of foreign printers.

2. Digital exploration of traditional printing equipment manufacturers

China has already completed digital transformation for many companies, among which Beiren Group, Weihai Printing Machinery, Weifang Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Unisplendour, Beijing University Founder, Shanghai Leopard Co., Ltd. and other companies have successfully tested digital inkjet label printers successfully. There is also a large number of IT companies entering the digital wide inkjet printer manufacturing industry.

Recently, Beiren Group launched the BEIREN DP5000 double-sided color inkjet rotary press and the Supernova DP32 digital inkjet label printer. These devices can be used for short-run color packaging printing, variable data printing, barcodes, and two-dimensional code printing.

The WIN JET56 digital label ink jet printer launched by Weihai Press also has a good market prospect.

Weifang Eastern Airlines launched a UV color digital label printer to achieve a 4-color + spot color printing, printing width 210mm, printing speed 25m/min, a resolution of 360dpi. With the ever-increasing demand in the short-run label printing market, the market demand for such digital equipment will show an increasing trend. The time for domestic offset printing equipment manufacturers to make a success in the digital field is ripe.

Aspect 2: Traditional offset printing equipment manufacturers began to develop flexographic printing machines to cope with environmental trends

Offset printing is the main equipment for printing newspapers and periodicals, and its market share has reached more than 95%. However, due to the continuous increase in environmental protection requirements in recent years, the market demand for environmental friendly flexo printing equipment has grown. In foreign countries, flexo printing has begun to divide the newspaper printing market, and began to replace the replacement trend, and the domestic printing equipment manufacturers of this update process has just begun.

Gaussian Graphics has introduced three wide-width flexo presses for book printing and packaging printing. The machine adopts the reverse printing technology, which can realize the single-side printing demand for packaging and printing. The printing format is respectively 1060mm, 1100mm, 1300mm, and the printing speed reaches 360m/min. It can not only realize the book printing requirements of connection folding, but also has the package printing. Required auxiliary functions such as die cutting, rewinding and polishing.

The wide-format unit type flexo printing machine produced by the Beiren Group has settled in Shanghai Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and has become the first wide-format flexo printing machine in China including a connection folding unit. This type of printing will drive the green printing of books and periodicals. The popularity. The company's other flexographic presses also include the BFF68900, BFF66400, BFF55300, BFF22800 series products.

In addition, there are a large number of companies in China that manufacture flexo presses, such as Weifang Eastern Airlines, Qingzhou Yigaofa, Zhejiang Fangbang, Shanxi Taihang, Sun Machinery, Aerospace Huayang, Shaanxi Beiren, Guangdong Songde, Zhejiang Weigang, Ruian Zhongtian, etc. The products that have been introduced to the market include narrow-width unit type, wide-range unit type, narrow-range satellite type, wide-range satellite type, and cascade type flexo presses, which can fully meet the market's high-end requirements. There are also a number of companies that have introduced flexo printers that can be connected to a combination of label printers, form printers, and letterpress printers. It is expected that these equipments with environmental printing performance will also shine at this year's All In Print Show.

Aspect 3: The layout of traditional offset printing equipment manufacturers in the post-press field

Hanzu Guanhua is a traditional manufacturer of offset printing equipment. After the manufacturing equipment has been transferred from small to medium-sized models, it has also entered the ranks of large-scale offset printing equipment manufacturers through international acquisitions. Then, it entered the prepress and postpress equipment manufacturing areas and became a supplier of printing equipment systems. Recently, it has also innovated the development of a laser die-cutting machine to enter the ranks of digital post-press product manufactures and push its products to drupa. The laser die-cutting machine manufactured by the company includes the paper-sheet laser cutting and engraving equipment LC340S (intermittent) and LC660S (intermittent) used in the field of digital fast printing; web laser cutting and engraving equipment LC330R, LC600T; Sheet-fed laser cutting and engraving equipment LC340SF and LC520SF in the field of commercial printing; LC600 DSC laser die-cut engraving equipment for die-cutting and indentation of folding cartons in the field of packaging and printing. Now, the cutting speed of its sheet-fed paper can reach 840-1560 sheets/hour, the speed of web-paper cutting and engraving can reach 40-60 meters/minute, and the engraving speed of imposition stickers can reach 2,500 sheets/hour. . Incidentally, Haike also introduced a digital die-cutting and creasing machine, which greatly improved the efficiency and flexibility of the postpress operation. The company is also the first company to launch a laser die-cutting machine.

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