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Open Up New Markets For Book Printing
Dec 06, 2018

Despite its proud performance in ticket printing, Jinguan Technology also realized that the bill market has ceilings and may encounter bottlenecks in development. In the future, the printing market for bills is very likely to be reduced due to the advancement of electronic bills or the influence of policies. It is necessary to make progress in the transformation. It is precisely because of this consideration that Jinguan Technology decided to open up a new market while stabilizing the bill printing market.

Due to the large demand in the book printing market at the time, Jinguan Technology decided to expand its business in this field. Jinguan Technology understands that in order to effectively expand the book printing business, two key points must be grasped: printing equipment and market relations. To this end, Jinguan Technology has introduced advanced book printing equipment, and has maintained a close market relationship with major customers (ie publishing organizations) for a long time.

Although in a very short period of time, Jinguan Technology's book printing business has an annual turnover of more than 10 million yuan, due to the low threshold for printing and low profits, and the turbulent situation of the Internet, Jinguan Technology has made decisive The decision to transform again.

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