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Packaging Printing Sword Refers To Packaging Printing Digital Printing Equipment Inventory
May 31, 2018

Lanta S10

The Landa S10 (with Komori Impremia NS40) is a sheet-fed press for the folding carton market, with B1 format, single-sided printing, using Lunda NanoInk® Nano Ink, maximum speed of 13,000 sheets/hour, and maximum printability 7 color, optional on-line light, printable thickness of 60μm ~ 800μm cardboard.

Zhongrong Printing Group Co., Ltd. has signed an order to purchase Landa S10 sheetfed presses. Zhongrong is a domestic large-scale packaging and printing company that produces high-end packaging color box, paper bag, hardcover gift box, paper shelf and other paper products. Huang Huanran, the company's managing director, said: "With innovation at the core, the Landa S10 sheet-fed press will be perfectly integrated with our technology. We will provide first-time reasonably priced short and medium-range packaging product lines in Asia." , Dongguan Yonghong Printing Co., Ltd. is also signing a planned purchase order, plans to use the equipment to expand the digitization of the middle and long version folding cartons.

Heidelberg Primefire 106

The Heidelberg Primefire 106 is a new product jointly developed by Heidelberg and partner Fujifilm. It is mainly aimed at folding carton printers. It is also suitable for posters, calendars, customization, variable data printing, and targeted market applications. The Primefire 106 has a substrate thickness of at least 0.6 mm. In the best quality mode, the print speed is 2,000 sheets per hour, and in productivity mode, the print speed is as high as 5,000 sheets per hour. The device will also be equipped with a high-quality inkjet drying unit and a full-width coating unit. The device will use the Fujifilm Diamtix Samba inkjet head and use aqueous pigment inks. The inkjet head has an output resolution of 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi, while the aqueous pigment ink has a fast high-definition imaging technology that meets food packaging safety regulations.

Shenzhen Yinjunlong Color Printing Co., Ltd. signed an order to introduce China's first Primefire 106 large-scale digital printing press. Shenzhen Xianjunlong Color Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive color printing and packaging material company established by Shenzhen Yongtaihe Group in Shenzhen. Its introduction of Primefire is aimed at expanding the personalized packaging business.

HP Indigo 30000

The HP Indigo 30000 uses a 75-cm format feed solution that allows for larger format printing to fit most folding carton printing jobs while saving set-up time, reducing operating procedures and increasing overall productivity. In addition, HP Indigo 30000 digital presses use in-line refill capabilities to print on any off-the-shelf substrate to maximize flexibility. Substrate thickness up to 200μm ~ 600μm, whether it is cardboard or sheet metal or plastic, HP Indigo 30000 digital presses can easily achieve perfect printing. Not only that, the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press prints at speeds of up to 4,600 B2 size paper per hour and supports seven colors of printing. Using HP's unique Indigo electronic ink technology, its color quality is comparable to offset printing, providing high-quality high-end printing at any time to meet a variety of customer production needs.

On June 13, 2016, Tiger Color Graphics Co., Ltd. ordered three HP Indigo 30000 digital presses in one fell swoop, and Chen Chengwen, chairman and general manager of Tiger Color Printing Arts Co., Ltd., said: “Today's packaging printing market is flexible and shorter. The demand for the printing cycle and small-batch printing is increasing.As a forward-looking company, Hu Cai believes that this trend has brought new business opportunities, and we believe that the HP Indigo 30000 digital printing press will help Tiger Cai in packaging. Further innovation in the printing industry."

Konica Minolta KM-C

Konica Minolta KM-C is a 4-color (in the future will be added to six or eight colors) UV ink designed to meet the folding carton and thin corrugated paper products (thickness between 0.3mm ~ 1.2mm) and Digital printing equipment developed. The device uses the AcurrioJet KM-1 technology, supplemented by 1200dpi output resolution and superior color stability, built-in sensor and image correction system, and the ability to print on uncoated substrates. KM-C's sheet feed platform is independently researched and developed by Konica Minolta to easily handle substrates such as cardboard. The substrate thickness is between 0.3mm and 1.2mm. Its print speed can also reach 2200 sheets per hour, and the largest paper size is 76×1060mm.

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