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Paper Gravure Register Device
- May 29, 2018 -

In the paper printing process, there are some inks, such as clear oil (colorless), printed on the paper and the paper is basically no color, there are some inks, such as pearl ink (lighter color), printed on paper and between the paper The color difference is small, resulting in the trapping photoelectric eye can not be identified, and thus can not guarantee the overlay accuracy. Moreover, the traditional registration process uses a single-mark (marker-to-motor encoder) function, which compares the photoelectric encoder's position signal with the currently printed color set's motor encoder to achieve the registration function of the reference color and the current color, but this function is only The vertical control of the reference color group and the current color group pattern can be realized, and the lateral control of the pattern cannot be automatically controlled.

In response to the above problems, our company has developed a printing registering device to solve the problems that the existing printing registering device can not recognize the colorless or light color ink printed on the paper by the photoelectric eye, and can only automatically control the existing special ink printing. Longitudinal registering and lateral registering must be manually adjusted. The problem of low work efficiency and finished product rate greatly increases the performance of the equipment. At present, the device has been successfully applied to Wuhan Rainbow Color Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Beiren gravure printing machine.

The device is divided into analog color and color control two parts.

(1) Analog color scale

See Figure 1 for details of the structure.

2) Registration control

Follow the specific steps below to implement:

Step 1: According to the external dimensions of the printing color mark and the direction of the color mark detected by the photoelectric eye, drawing on the computer, the color mark is distributed around the code plate, the spacing is 20mm, the length of the color mark paper is the same as the circumference of the code plate, the width and the width of the code wheel Same and print it on white paper.

Step 2: Attach the double-sided tape to the back of the printed color paper, and paste it on the code disk in the direction of the photo-eye detection color mark.

Step 3: In the printing state, manually adjust the longitudinal position of the photoelectric eye that detects the color code of the encoder, so that the photoelectric eye signal of the color mark before the detection of the printed material is located in the wave gate. After the upper and lower signals are aligned, it is switched to the automatic state. Deviations can be corrected by adjusting the error values.

By installing a code plate with a color mark on the platen roller drive shaft, undetectable color marks on the printed paper can be converted into detectable color marks (analog color scales), and photoelectric eyes and three-azimuth adjustment brackets can be used for detection. The single electrical eye signal of the code plate color code is different from the normal detection signal position of the single electrical eye signal on the normal detection printing material by 20mm, which is equivalent to the normal color registration mode (marker pair mark), thereby realizing accurate registration.

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