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Paper Selection Techniques Shenzhen Printing Paper Selection Techniques
- May 05, 2018 -

The cost control of paper is not arbitrary, but it has certain limitations. With good control, you can effectively control the investment of other costs; if you do not control it well, you will greatly increase the investment in other costs. The rational use of paper is one of the key factors in controlling the cost of paper. The author will introduce the selection techniques of several papers for the reference of the industry.

    1. Meet customer requirements

    The products produced by paper packaging companies must first meet the requirements of customers. This is both an important element of ranking and a prerequisite for ranking. Otherwise, other aspects (such as cost reduction and large profits) cannot be realized.

    2. The quality of paper is moderate

    The key to paper packaging business paper is to reduce paper costs as much as possible while ensuring product quality. That is, the physical indexes of the paper used are just enough to ensure the quality of the product (ie, reach a critical point), so that there will be no product quality problems. It will not waste paper. Once the physical index of the paper is below this critical point, the overall cost of the product will not only decrease, but will increase. This is because when the physical index of the paper is lower than the critical point, the lower the physical index of the paper, the lower the product's pass rate and the higher the overall cost of the product. The rising part of the cost is mainly caused by a series of losses caused by unqualified products, such as returns, rework, redo, order loss and so on.

   3. Large-scale operation of suitable high-speed automation equipment

    With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of paper packaging processing equipment and the increasingly fierce market competition, some large and medium-sized paper packaging companies have introduced high-speed automation equipment, and these equipment have strict requirements on the quality and grade of raw and auxiliary materials. Therefore, in the selection of paper, it should ensure that it is suitable for large-scale operations of high-speed automation equipment, so that the quality of semi-finished products in each process can be smoothly qualified, and the overall production power of the product can be surely increased. Once a process is not smooth, the overall production power of the product will drop, the cost of the product will increase, and the profit of the product will decline. This principle of leverage remains unchanged.

    For paper packaging companies, the product cost should be calculated on the basis of the actual sum of capital, rather than simply accounting for the price of a certain raw material. The price of a certain raw and auxiliary data is only one aspect of the product cost, and the sum of other related capital brought by this cost is the real product cost. Paper cost is a good example. How to control the cost of the product to a small extent is by no means a simple reduction of paper prices. Xiangli Packaging Folding Box Shenzhen Printing Factory expects that after this article, we can help the industry clarify the way to find the right way to use paper and find a way to save money.


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