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Photo Album Printing Principle
Jun 22, 2018

After coating and adhesive film, the large kraft gift box is pressed and glued together after heating to form the unity of paper and plastic products, which is a common post-printing processing technology.

Print the album with photolithography glue and matte glue

Covers, books and periodicals, magazine print covers, flyer folding jewelry gift boxes, etc
What is the difference between album printing and matte printing

Too light or too dumb rubber print, because the surface is more thin, transparent layer of plastic film, more smooth shining surface, not only improve the print gloss and color fastness, prolong the service life of the printing, plastic film, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting, folding resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion protection, etc.

Photo album overgloss effect

Can make cardboard gift box more colorful, three-dimensional, especially suitable for green food and other products packaging. It can stimulate people's appetite and consumption desire.

The picture album is so beautiful
This album has the effect of photoglue
If quiet glue is used, the product can give consumers a noble and elegant feeling.

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