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Post-printing Process Knowledge Huizhou Printing Plant Popularizes Post-printing Process Knowledge. Do You Understand?
May 23, 2018

In daily life, there are many kinds of packaging boxes that we have come into contact with. There is sometimes a curiosity about the packaging of various products. We are interested in these packaging processes but we do not understand them. Let's let Huizhou Printing Co., Ltd. Let us introduce you to the printing process knowledge in the packaging box.

       After the packaging design of the packaging box in the Huizhou printing plant, the printing of the pattern on the box alone is not enough. The post-press processing technology has a greater influence on the quality and appearance of the box, which in turn affects the appearance quality of the goods. Will affect the customer's choice of goods, so choose one, or even a variety of suitable their own process, improve the quality of the product, has a major impact on product sales.

1, hot stamping

Hot stamping features: There are metallic luster, magnificent, so that the printing screen produces a strong contrast.

2, UV coating

Is the UV coating, UV is the abbreviation, is to rely on UV irradiation to dry curing ink. UV is usually a silk screen process, and now there is offset UV.

Definition: A special process for curing the full or partial curing of UV light on the surface of prints

Features: Can present a variety of artistic special effects on the surface of prints to make prints more beautiful

3, from the convex

Definition: Use the convex template (positive template) to press the surface of the printed matter into a relief-like pattern with a three-dimensional impression (the print is locally convex, so that it has a three-dimensional sense, causing visual impact.) It is called convex;

Feature: increase the three-dimensional effect

5, embossing

The embossing process is a process that uses a concave-convex mold to plastically deform a print under a certain pressure so as to perform art processing on the print surface. The surface of the embossed prints shows different patterns and textures, which have a distinct three-dimensional relief and enhance the artistic appeal of prints.

6, die-cutting

The die-cutting process is to make a special die-cutting knife according to the design requirements of the printed matter, and then press and print or other substrates under pressure to form the desired form or cut mark.

Definition: A process in which a steel knife or steel wire is used as a template to process a printed product into a desired shape under pressure. Can produce abnormal shape, enhance performance.

The above is the point of knowledge about the printing process, of course, there are many, the above is introduced more commonly used, Huizhou printing packaging box, is a professional production and paper products supporting all kinds of boutique packaging box, gift box, Color cards, pictures, greeting cards, stickers, brochures and other packaging business. Free design free proofing, sincere service to our customers, if you need to know more, welcome to consult us!

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