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Printed E-commerce Courses What Should Be Taught In Printed E-commerce Courses?
- May 30, 2018 -

In the last semester, the printing and packaging engineering department of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College opened a second-grade course called “Basic and Practice of E-Commerce”. In practice, the students used e-commerce platform to design a printing portal by themselves. Started the online printing business.

The other half of the theoretical basis is responsible for me. What should I teach? I am really quite scared when preparing lessons.

The founder of a successful e-commerce company on the domestic bench or an employee who works in his company did not have any so-called "e-commerce" courses when they studied, because there was no such course at all. Why are they able to catch e-commerce trains earlier than others and become our model?

If we can pick up the time and space of trains from these pioneers and find out their perspectives on the world and possible ways of learning, perhaps we can provide useful reference for young people in school.

The first e-commerce companies that took Internet trains, including Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Ctrip, and Jingdong, all started business in the last years of the 20th century. It happened to coincide with the first wave of the United States that the Internet bubble had just burst and appeared around 1995. Several Internet companies have closed down, and the surviving Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, etc. have shown endless explosive power.

Today, the well-known e-commerce entrepreneurs who stand on the table in the country are all adventurers who break through the gaps, and do not know how many e-commerce companies fell in the middle. When the great environment is changing, they have all made decisions that are different from ordinary people. It is clear that they have grasped the pulse of the times and mastered the rhythm of society.

We simulate their entrepreneurial experiences. We can imagine that they have always been concerned about the changes in the environment and that the changes in technology and society are continuous and traceable. In the speeches and writings of these entrepreneurs, we found that they are all standing on the shoulders of giants. They did not invent the Internet, but they used the Internet to change the wave of the industry; they did not invent the mobile phone, but they did not use the mobile network. .

They have the ability to stand on the shoulders of the giants. They must understand the history, advantages, and capabilities of the giants. That is knowledge.

So, should e-commerce courses include the following:

1. The history of human information technology reform

Knowledge is transmitted through information, and the more human information technology is transmitted, the easier it is to obtain knowledge. We can think about the relationship between information and knowledge today from Gutenberg's history of using typography to disseminate information and accelerate the accumulating of human knowledge after the engine.

2. Business Innovation in the Age of Great Navigation

As humans combine curiosity and business to continuously create social progress, Europeans broke the superstition of “the other end of the ocean is the end of the world”, extended business to India and the New World, brought gold, tea, and cotton back to Europe for new business. The new logic of maritime navigation and the new business logic contrast today's Internet brings about endless technological innovations and business models.

3. The historical revelation of the Industrial Revolution

During the first industrial revolution, human knowledge was accumulated to a certain extent, and the use of energy was known. Therefore, various machines were successively invented to use energy as an alternative to hand tools and formed the industrial social structure. Roads, railways, and canals have also emerged because of the demand for transportation and the efficiency of machines. The convenience of transportation has further increased the speed of information transmission and the accumulation of human knowledge has become systematic. In the 19th century, humans invented the method of invention and discovered the method of discovery. The progress of human industry and commerce is no longer an accidental accident.

4. A brief history of technological development

Science and technology are the source and result of innovation. How does the key basic knowledge pass through the efforts and inheritance of multiple giants? How does mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics construct human understanding of the universe? How does the accumulation of knowledge in the periodic table of materials help humans apply electricity to electricity? Crystals, semiconductors, computers, personal computers, mobile phones, mobile internet, how knowledge applications of genes can help the development of agriculture and medicine.

The development of science and technology dominates today's business model. To stand on the shoulders of giants, we must first understand how human knowledge is accumulated and accumulated, and how predecessors have used technology to create history.

5. Basic vocabulary of the Internet

Proper noun-packing specific concepts, students can learn e-commerce from examples of proper nouns.

6. History of E-Commerce Development at Home and Abroad

Introduce the business stories of e-commerce and printed e-commerce companies at home and abroad, especially the growth history of Amazon. From the development of the world's first successful e-commerce, not only can you learn how to use the time to create business opportunities, but also learn that many are created by Amazon. E-commerce business game rules, such as cloud computing, big data, resource outsourcing, and so on.

7. The relationship between big data and e-commerce and the relationship between the Internet of things and big data

8. Brief history of media change

The Internet has changed the media and the media has changed its marketing methods, further affecting the business of all walks of life.

The rapid changes in the environment have resulted in the outdated hard knowledge. Hollywood film companies are more welcome for talents with mathematical expertise than for non-drama students. The main conditions for choosing a chef in a big hotel are not necessarily cooking techniques. It may also be the number of blog attention.

Many entrepreneurial entrepreneurs of domestic mobile phone brands can not understand radio, telephone, computer language or manufacturing and other technologies, but they cannot but care about the rhythm of society and understand the pulse of the times.

The rapid changes in the environment, the first-year undergraduate courses, have not graduated to half of them are out of date. In addition to providing basic knowledge, the school should allow students to have more exposure to the actual operators of all walks of life, absorb information from different perspectives, filter the knowledge they want, have a view of the world, maybe they can grasp the pulse of the times. Grasp the rhythm of society, to better face the era of e-commerce after graduation.

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