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Printed QR Dongguan Custom Printed QR Code Makes Life More Convenient
- May 08, 2018 -

The two-dimensional code is an information key. In practical use, we can print two-dimensional code patterns on individual product pages, event contents, online stores, and offline marketing materials so that consumers can easily Quickly, efficiently, and accurately understand our information.

    In this year's two sessions, the two-dimensional code reappeared on the front page of the government's work report. Readers need only scan the code to easily understand the results of the government's five-year key work.

    In the process of document rotation, it is often necessary to limit the scope of the dissemination. The traditional method of file distribution is to collect files by the personnel of each unit and then distribute them according to the contents of the files, which easily leads to disclosure of information by the file distributor. Through the principle that the two-dimensional code can store information, sensitive information in the document can be stored in the two-dimensional code through encrypted information, so that sensitive information is not visible during the distribution process. The designated document reading reader only needs to scan the two-dimensional code printed on the official document. Can decrypt reading.

    In the process of writing, government officials often need to organize and extract the contents of different documents. This is a necessary condition for combing and theoretical argumentation. Due to the uneven information construction of official documents, it is difficult to ensure that the original version of the electronic version of the unimpeded. It usually only provides paper or non-editable documents for reference. The staff must manually write the text, which is very heavy. Using the principle of two-dimensional codes to store information, it is possible to store the content of articles or designated official links in a two-dimensional matrix to realize the transfer of file resources.

    In government agencies, the accuracy of the contents of the requested documents is very high. However, it is very difficult for the staff responsible for nuclear content to perform. Many valuable articles cannot be obtained from official sources at first, and some even provide only paper documents. Although OCR technology can be identified by graphics and text, it can only reduce the burden of manual transcripts by workers to a certain extent. Content verification still requires a lot of manpower. Using two-dimensional codes to store information, digital information can be stored in two-dimensional codes. The staff responsible for content verification only needs to compare the content of the unofficial channels with the original digital information to determine whether the contents are consistent.

    Government officials work on a lot of documents every day. Once official documents have not been properly handled, it is necessary to pursue the responsibility of the person in charge. Sometimes, document distributors and document implementers shirking each other's responsibilities, so it is difficult to determine responsibilities. Using the two-dimensional code to store information, it can realize the scanning of documents and realize the tracking and communication of documents.

    Since the QR code is a key to information, we can open the door to information for people, and then send the key of this door to their hands, allowing them to come and go at any time. Today's smart phones have scanning capabilities, especially friends who play WeChat should understand this. Dongguan custom printed QR code greatly facilitates our life.


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