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Printer Of The Color Box Printing Plant Today, Tomorrow And The Day After The Printer Of The Color Box Printing Plant
- May 03, 2018 -

In working life, we are in touch with printed products every day, from books, business cards, bills to packaging, billboards and so on. With social and economic development, the demand for printed products has also increased. To maintain the printing industry, the largest audience should be small and micro enterprises. Their demand for DM, brochures, advertisements, and business cards is stable. Most people think that now is the era of the Internet. Who still has some old and traditional ways to carry out. Who will print these products? actually not.

Let me briefly talk about the classification of printing. Generally speaking, the big printing we mean is leaflets, business cards, albums, stickers, packaging boxes, carbonless paper, PVC cards, handbags, envelopes, stationery, leaflets. Such as printing, and small printing we generally call graphic fast printing, generally black and white copying, color printing, scanning and archiving, engineering drawings output personalized design and other services.

Judging from the statistical results of 2017, the current printing products and industries are moving towards a growth trend.

According to estimates, global packaging malls in 2016 will reach US$820 billion. In 2017, China will replace the United States as the world's largest packaging mall. Paper and cardboard as the base of packaging shopping malls have a marked increase in the lifestyle of the people, sustainable development and recycling use, skills and development has an active drive.

  Therefore, there will be a lot of room for development in this type of printing in the box printing factory, especially the printing of packaging, mainly due to the upsurge of logistics occupation. Directly facing the customer's printed e-commerce, it can be said that the e-commerce professional process is the most tedious and cumbersome, and the most detailed career with the customer experience the most frequent exchanges.

Why do you say this, because in this profession, customers need to print first of all need to have their own sample drafts, and no sample, but also have to exchange customer service to help them organize professional planning, the entire process exchange, can be said to subvert the exchange of professional e-commerce frequency. There is logistics, he completely depends on the printing time, not the product directly to logistics. The most magnificent print e-commerce professional customer service I have ever seen is Century Kaiyuan. At present, there are 1,500 people in the company. During this period, there are nearly 500 customer service staff and more than 500 printing houses. It is only afterwards that they have operations, finance, and skills. There are too many contents in your entire customer service exchange frequency, such as the type of paper, grams, quantity, cropping, whether or not planning, whether it is a template, whether it is a self-advanced draft, etc. For example: Coated paper 250g needs planning, saddle stitch binding and so on. Therefore, relative skill development capabilities and product differentiation and planning capabilities are the biggest pain points for this profession.

Therefore, this profession needs to be a normative thing, so that users have a consistent standard, so that the profession has a consistent measure. Especially for the e-commerce business, I should deepen my cultivation in terms of delivery speed, quality, service, standards, raw materials, and craftsmanship. With the efficiency of the service and the product's uniqueness, trust in the future will be very strong. Great development.

How does the e-commerce business in the printing industry of the box printers break out? Change the status quo?

1, industry trends: In line with the trend of opening, now the new retail has now reached the line, printing operations can also go into the line with their own new situation, the advantages of using the collective under the line.

2. Self-advantage: Combining the existing advantages, such as owning printing factories and workers, can reduce the cost, but it can ensure the amount of customers. Individual products can also be found in the process of processing, and some products do not come.

3, product innovation and features: In addition to the above categories of printing operations products, whether there are other large methods, this to combine the needs of the operation, combined with the needs of the company's product updates and features of the planning.

4, the combination of technology and products: for example, 3D printing and manufacturing, such as the use of VR, such as the use of scientific and technological methods to optimize the flow of products and users to communicate, simplify the workload of their service personnel.

5、Exploring the combination of product features under the new profit model: the experience of offline retail stores, such as franchising chains.

6. Strengthen the company's comprehensive capabilities: Add the company's own capabilities in terms of products, supply chain, processes, and operations.

7, advocating green printing, the implementation of this concept is good, the prospects of printing electricity supplier operation is still very good!


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