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Printing 4.0 Printing 4.0 Is Not Just A Production Concept For The Printing Industry
May 28, 2018

The printing industry likes to give the industry its own name for a new cross-industry production concept - so instead of using global technology trends, it develops its own niche (minority) market. Here are two examples: We used the JDF concept to replace the popular XML concepts in all other industries. Ultimately, we find it difficult to find JDF professionals. There is also the popular word "Web-to-Print." Now I must explain to several generations of college students that the e-commerce configuration program for printed products is different from Web-to-Print.

We will feel that the printing industry is less innovative than Germany’s leading automotive and machine manufacturing industries. If you have the opportunity to visit a medium-sized machine factory. There, that is, the leader of the international market, we can see that there are more dressed people than we think. When you visit the Mercedes-Benz E-class workshop, you will see that each car is different from the configuration of the previous car. This is not new to us as a single producer.

Perhaps this is related to different industries. Perhaps there are some innovations we do earlier than other industries, so the concept of their own formation.

My view of Popword Industry 4.0 is: Many people in our industry go further than we think. Because for us, "network printing factory" is not new. However, the main problem in the machine and automobile manufacturing industry now is that there is no longer batch or special production that partially takes full use of the workstations. Instead, the software-based network enables special production to operate subtly through the production floor with a high degree of utilization.

Someone said that we can already do this! And you can also network with our suppliers and production partners!

So can we cross the concept of Industry 4.0? I said no, because Industry 4.0 has more meaning and depth to the printing industry, so I made an exception and re-expressed my concept: "Print 4.0" (Print 4.0), which means for the printing industry, it means There are more production ideas than just networking.

■ Printing 4.0 itself is a networked printing product. When printed hangtags on the hotel's door contain printed electronic content, if the guest does not want to be disturbed, they are digitally conveyed to the waiter and an efficient service flow is created.

■ Printing 4.0 is the printing and online communication of the Internet. If all the media reach their potential, each media can measure the contribution of its advertising effectiveness through a good reporting system, then cross media marketing is a greater contribution to the network environment of our industry.

Printing 4.0 is not just a production concept for the printing industry. It also involves our products and services. Print 4.0 is a concept with real added value.

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