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Printing And Packaging Integration Consumer Products Drive Printing And Packaging Industry Upgrades, Shenzhen Printing And Packaging Integration Is The Future Development Trend
- Apr 29, 2018 -

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the purchasing power and quality of life of our residents, the consumer goods market has continued to grow rapidly, which has led to the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry through the transmission of industrial chains. However, in the process of development, the short board of the packaging and printing industry has gradually emerged, becoming the subject of concern to the industry.

At present, the market concentration of the printing industry in China is relatively low, and the degree of market competition is fierce. There is no large-scale leading enterprise. The listed companies in the printing industry include Yutong Technology, Zijiang Enterprise, Hexing Packaging, Jihong Stock, Jielong Industrial, Dongfeng. There are more than 20 companies such as shares, Jinjia shares and Shengtong shares.

Judging from the market layout, the printing industry enterprises exhibited obvious regional characteristics. The three major regions, namely, the Pearl River Delta with Guangdong as the center, the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang as the center, and the three major regions with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei as the center, formed the three major regions. Industrial belts. The above three major regions are also more dynamic regions of China's economy. The printing and publishing, food and beverage, and daily chemical industries are more developed.

In addition, as a gathering place for electronics and light industry, the southern Anhui region and the Jiaodong Peninsula also gathered more packaging and printing companies.

As the largest branch of the printing industry, packaging and printing services are widely used in various industries in the national economy and residents' lives, such as food and beverages, daily chemicals, electronic communications, tobacco, medicine, and apparel, etc. The service areas are extensive, and their development is downstream. The development of the service sector is closely related.

According to "2017-2022 China's packaging printing industry, a comprehensive market research and investment analysis report" shows that China's packaging and printing industry market since 2009 has shown a rising trend. In 2016, the market scale of China's packaging and printing industry reached 377.8 billion yuan. It can be said that the integration of packaging is the trend of the global packaging industry in the future, and as the global manufacturing industry continues to shift to China, it also sets higher and higher requirements for packaging integration and comprehensive service capabilities of the packaging industry in China. Green printing has become an important development direction. With the greenization of people's consumer psychology, green printing has become an important theme in the development of the industry. Printing technology is required to be more environmentally friendly. Consumables for packaging continue to be environmentally friendly and economical. After printed materials are discarded, they are easily recycled and can be naturally degraded. , To achieve pollution-free, low-pollution packaging.

According to researchers, China's economy is currently in a transitional period. Emerging industries such as e-commerce, express logistics, and electronic communications have become a national economic growth point. Driven by this, packaging printing in certain fields has shown rapid development. With the vigorous development and maturity of e-commerce in China, online shopping has gradually become an important shopping method and even the main shopping method for consumers.

At the same time, the express delivery industry, which is closely linked to online shopping, has also been rapidly developed, which in turn has driven the development of the Shenzhen printing industry. In general, the market demand for China's packaging and printing industry will continue to maintain a steady and rapid growth momentum, and the demand for high-end packaging and printing market will further increase.


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