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Printing Factory Discuss Printing Industry High Quality Development
Apr 03, 2018

 Recently, the state press and publication of SARFT Printing and distribution department in Beijing held the printing industry development and the "National Printing and reproduction model Enterprise Management measures" Revised symposium, invited the publication, packaging decoration, digital printing, network printing and other enterprises, as well as research institutions, universities, local printing management Department of the relevant comrades,According to the 19 new requirements of the party, the paper has conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around the "characteristics of industrial development", "growth kinetic energy Successive conversion", "Printing + Internet +x", "Optimizing the Structural layout" and "revising the Model Enterprise Management method".

 As an important part of the national real economy, the printing industry, as the main force of the industrial Growth and transformation of China's press and broadcasting, is a major component of the country's economic development, which is to learn, good grasp and do 19 great spirits, to open a new journey in the era of high quality, to better satisfy the It is the progressive bias and basic request of industrial growth and transformation in current and future times. 

Just under the printing production costs rise but the printing price is not rising the main source of decline, is the supply is greater than demand. and docking Country "all the way" development strategy, expand overseas market, Shenzhen printing plant is worthy of serious thinking of the next development direction. With the development strategy of "All the way", it has become a bright spot for China's economy to open up new overseas markets.

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