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Printing Factory US Customers Visit Our Factory
Apr 03, 2018

February 2, 2018, Shenzhen Xiang Lee printing company ushered in a far from the United States customers, in order to let customers better understand us, to the customer a heart of recognition, welcome every customer to our visit, inspection work. Xiang Li Shenzhen Printing factory recognized that product quality is the determination of customer satisfaction is one of the focus, and product structure, materials, printing color and prepress processing technology is the core of the quality of packaging products. Through contact with customers, the factory fully identify customer needs, from the design phase of the product to determine factors affecting product quality and take measures, through the product structure design, supplier and material selection, feed and process inspection and other aspects of every aspect and detail of the full and effective control, To ensure that products and services meet and exceed customer requirements and RoHS, reach and other relevant laws and regulations requirements.

In order to ensure that the factory has a stable supply of product capacity to meet the requirements, the factory in 2003 to establish the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system. Xiang Lee Shenzhen Printing Factory has been adhering to scientific management, quality first, abide by the credibility of continuous innovation! Xiang Li, with the same commitment to change your inner recognition.

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