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Printing-multi-hand To Promote The Healthy Development Of Green Printing
Apr 03, 2018

 To maintain the continuous stability of the national strategy of promoting green printing. In a short span of four or five years, green printing has been pushed from the pilot stage to the stage of deepening the expansion, the focus of the work from the propaganda concept, the production standard stage to provide products and consolidate the effectiveness of the stage.

However, in the practical work, we also encountered some printing enterprises on the green printing strategy of the persistence of concern, the direction and development prospects of the lack of confidence, so that in the green printing input shangyou doubt or reservations and so on.

Therefore, it is very important to further strengthen the confidence of the whole industry in promoting green printing. Second, Governments, associations and enterprises should work together to promote green printing.

The Government management department and the related Association organization is the green printing Strategy initiator and the advocate, the printing enterprise is implements the green printing the market main body, the promotion green printing is the common responsibility of all concerned parties. Third, the whole industry chain to move up and down linkage to promote green printing.

The introduction of more green printing products, so that the vast number of consumers to realize the benefits of green printing, is to measure the promotion of green printing work is really down to implement and the end of the intuitive standard.

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