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Printing New Opportunities Shenzhen Printing Recognizes New Opportunities In The New Era Of Printing Industry Development
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Shenzhen Printing recognizes new opportunities in the new era of printing industry development

     With the continuous and phased development of the national economy, the printing industry has obtained two important window periods. The first time in the ten years since the beginning of reform and opening up, micro-development and format opened a window period for the printing industry to lay a foundation and establish a category; the second is 10 years from the mid-1990s to the beginning of this century. In the year, the new technology and new formats and new integration of new demands have created an important window of opportunity for industrial innovation to penetrate all professions and extend the industrial chain.


      In these two window periods, system reforms, changes in standards, and skill innovations all released huge dividends. Looking at the status quo of the printing industry, the printing needs of the people of the new era in regard to the good life are reflected in the following: First, waiting for more pleasing, exquisite, and increasingly personalized publications and product packaging, civilized publicity materials and daily necessities The second is waiting for the more environmentally friendly, healthy, fashionable and helpful civil service; the third is waiting for the new printing industry to save resources and protect the environment.


      Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", we have devoted all our careers to creative design and product innovation. We have made every effort to achieve results in the stability of product quality in terms of on-demand printing and deepening the supply of services. At present, the printing industry is in a promising historical opportunity period. Such an opportunity is the comparative advantage that we have accumulated through continuous innovation and development; it is a new “window period” that we use to open ourselves on the new journey. All occupations should further improve their understanding, and we also expect that we will pass this understanding and this judgment to the profession.

      There are four main dimensions in the transformation and promotion of the current printing industry: from the high-speed increase phase to the quality improvement phase, printing companies should improve the quality of production and improve efficiency through the improvement of the quality of raw and auxiliary materials and the quality and quantity standards; from extensive operations to fine-scale operations At the stage of scientific, scientific, and standardization, India-based companies should begin to implement meticulous management and improve the level of enterprise management. From the time of imitation and replication to the stage of independent innovation, all companies should seek to develop in accordance with their own conditions; from price-driven to value-based, The customer's demand changes from the low price and low price of the product to the demand for value.

     Shenzhen Printing The current printing industry mainly has three opportunities. The intensive degree of the printing industry has been further improved. The method of development has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The industrial roots of traditional print media and new-type media have merged and developed, and a new industrial chain has been extended. Capital has entered the printing profession and the printing industry has been rapidly completing the printing industry. The vertical integration of the chain, the endogenous and extension of the printing industry to complete the diversification and scale development.

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