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Printing Prepress Production Experience
May 31, 2018

Prepress production, as the first process of the printing process, plays an important role in the entire printing process. Only the scientific and rational production of prepress documents can make the subsequent processing more convenient and faster, thereby better ensuring the product. Quality and production efficiency. In the following, the author combines practical work experience to share the issues that need attention in prepress production with everyone.

1. Black graphic

Under normal circumstances, the black (K100) graphic is directly overprinted on other color blocks, but if the black graphic is too large and is printed on different color blocks, it should be overprinted instead of overprinted. Avoid black hue unevenness.

2. Barcode

In the production of bar codes, the bar code printing contrast requirements in GB 12904-2008 “Barcode Retail Commodity Coding and Barcode Representation” should be met, following the principle of deep and light color matching, ie, the strip color is black, blue, green, and deep Brown, white, yellow, red and orange are the background colors. There are 16 combinations in total. If printing barcodes on gold and silver cardboard and specialty paper, black bars and white backgrounds should be preferred for production. Because gold and silver cardboards have a specular reflection effect, specialty papers themselves may contain different colors and textures. It is not possible to identify the bar code because you want to save one plate. In addition, we must pay attention to the width of the left and right blank areas of the barcode to meet the requirements of GB 12904-2008.

3. Laser hot stamping

In the production of large-area laser hot stamping products in the field, due to the phenomenon of poor hot stamping on the surface of the ink layer, the printed circuit board should be hollowed out to avoid the occurrence of misprints and trachoma.

4. Gradient effect

In the prepress production, if you use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW software to directly make the gradient effect, the gradient may not be smooth. At this time, you should choose to create in Adobe Photoshop software, and add 3 to 4 noise points in the filter. This produces the best gradient effect.

5. Bleeding

When making bleeding, when the color or pattern of the top cover of the carton and the dust cover on both sides are not the same, the bleeding of the part where the dust cover meets the top cover should be 45° oblique.

6. Text effect

In the production of text effects, text effects (underline, tilt, shadow, etc.) cannot be directly used, because all characters must be converted to curves when publishing, and the above effects will be lost in the conversion, so be sure to turn the text After the song, make a text effect.

7. Anti-white text

If there are small anti-white texts on a dark background, be sure to use the main colors of the background color to “make color” to avoid ghosting due to overprinting. For example, when the dark background is C75M68Y67K90, the effect of anti-white text depends to a large extent on K90, then another 0.08mm wide K90 border line can be made around the text, which can solve the overprint problem of small text.

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