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Printing Technology And Materials Dongguan Custom Printing The Latest Printing Technology And Materials, You Have Learned?
- May 07, 2018 -

Nowadays the packaging is dazzling. As the saying goes: “A three-minute look and a seven-point dress up” good packaging can not only protect a good product, but also allow people who purchase to understand the product and create a desire to buy it. It is precisely for this reason that the products currently on the market have evolved into the “battlefield” of intense brand competition. Under such circumstances, advanced printing process technology can make product packaging more interesting, and it can quickly attract buyers’ attention. . The following Dongguan Custom Printing Factory tells you the latest printing process and materials:

One, three-dimensional relief synergy UV

    Three-dimensional relief synergistic UV printers can help all printing companies quickly improve productivity and profitability and enhance their competitiveness. This series of UV special effects printing press can give the print a three-dimensional sense of touch, so that the added value of printed matter can be instantly increased to win consumers' sincere praise. The 3D embossed UV effect printing press leads the postpress process to a whole new level.

Second, anhydrous offset printing nano-printing

    In the printing industry, the manifestation of the details is one of the important norms for determining the quality of printed products, which makes it possible for the potential use of nanotechnology. In fact, from the perspective of Drupa2012, the so-called “Nano-printing technology” exhibited by Landa is actually one of the most impressive digital printing technologies on the show. According to Rand Corporation, the nano-printer integrates the characteristics of strong digital printing flexibility and the high power and economy of traditional offset printing. It not only can reach higher production power, but also can seamlessly connect with the existing working environment of printing companies.

Third, thermal inkjet code

    For a long time, packaging companies want to complete product coding on the production lines in their own factories. There are generally three kinds of printing processes to choose from: laser coding, serial ink jet coding, and heat transfer coding. Now they have one more choice: thermal inkjet coding. In fact, thermal inkjet technology has been successfully applied in the work area for many years, but it has only recently entered the industrial application range. In addition, the thermal inkjet technology continues to improve in terms of ink, boring speed, and adaptability of printing materials, and its attractiveness to packers is gradually increasing.

Fourth, waterless offset

    Waterless offset printing is an offset printing process that does not use water or a wetting system. The printing and packaging industry has always been cautious about waterless printing. But in the past two years, the waterless offset printing process has made great progress through the collaboration between the printing press manufacturers, paper and ink manufacturers. Waterless offset printing uses silicone rubber coated plates, special inks, and temperature-controlled printing presses. Waterless offset can print more substrates, including paper and various non-absorbent substrates, more simply and more efficiently.

Fifth, high-fidelity color control

    Gorgeous packaging colors are the most powerful promotional tools for retail products. Even though consumers may not notice this, this is indeed the case. When consumers are shopping, they generally identify the product's brand identity before they read the product's description label. This reflects the importance of the color of the product's brand identity.

Six, biodegradable ink

    With the continuous rise of the green call, sustainable development has received much attention in the packaging industry, and its importance has become increasingly prominent. In the packaging and printing industry, a printing and ink shopping mall with water is also attaching greater importance to environmental protection and sustainable development. As a result, a new generation of environmentally friendly inks and printing processes continues to emerge. The most representative of them is the organic biodegradable ink climaprint produced by Indian ink manufacturer ennatura.

    The era has been slowly changing, of course, the new printing process has also been exposed, so the new printing process applied to new product packaging, has a very important impact on the sale of goods.

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