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Printing Why Deinking, With These Related!
Jun 07, 2018

1. ink: pay attention to ink viscosity and wear resistance

Presentation gift boxes with LIDS ink viscosity is one of the biggest causes of deinking. The high viscosity of ink will slow down the drying of ink, when ink does not dry quickly it is easy to deinking. So reducing ink viscosity is the best way to overcome deinking.

Tip: if the viscosity is reduced, the color deviation can improve the ink powder content to ensure the accuracy and stability of ink color.

The second is recycled gift boxes ink wear resistance. The abrasion resistance of ink is mainly reflected in the cohesion and adhesion of ink. When the cohesion and adhesion of ink reduce, the abrasion resistance of ink becomes worse, which is closely related to the ink itself.

Tip: if the ink is dry after printing and there is a serious deinking phenomenon when wiping the ink with hand or paper, it indicates that the ink has poor abrasion resistance, which requires adding abrasives or remaking ink.

2. Paper: paper has low water absorption

The paper has low water absorbance, so the water absorbance of ink also naturally decreases, ink floating on the paper surface is easy to produce deinking.

Tip: if the paper is known to be poor absorbent, start with the tile line. First improve tissue by heat, heat damage by improving the paper surface paper fiber and rubber, thus improve the absorbency of paper, and improve when printing ink usage of penetrating agent, so you can better prevent printing deinking phenomenon.

In conclusion, the occurrence of pretty Christmas gift boxes deinking is common, and the reasons for each deinking are also different. The effect will be better only when the real reason is found and the proper method is sought for improvement.

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