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Publishers Engaged In Digital Printing Publishers Engaged In Digital Printing Production Have Strengths And Short Boards
- May 28, 2018 -

The publishers engaged in digital printing production plus self-run distribution. Although the form of the trinity of the Zhonghua Bookstore and the Commercial Press was issued, it changed the relationship between editing, printing, and publishing after the founding of the People's Republic of China. It had both strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, we should have a clear understanding.

One of the strengths of publishers engaged in digital printing production is the possession of huge content resources. Compared with printing companies, they have the right to choose the printing method. The reason why Jiangsu Phoenix Digital Printing Co., Ltd. can promote the production of short-length books by digital printing is not unrelated to the full support of its parent Phoenix Publishing and Media Group. If the publishing house sends out its business to digital printing companies, the publisher may not necessarily agree to increase the cost of the saved funds to the digital printing company.

Another strength of publishers engaged in digital printing production is more conducive to copyright protection. Although a written contract can be signed between the manufacturer and the publishing house regarding copyright protection, there are technical measures to prevent overprinting of the production enterprise. However, in the case where social integrity is hard to be assured, the publisher will be responsible for its own number. Printing factories are always psychologically more pragmatic.

There is always a short one, the publishing house is engaged in book production on demand or has its own shortcomings.

One of the short boards is compared with professional printing companies. The digital printing factories run by the publishers live in hotbeds in the market, with little pressure and weak market competitiveness. It is difficult to obtain the efficiency and efficiency of professional printing companies, but their advantages are easy. To obtain the business of CCS, it is precisely because of its stable business sources that the enthusiasm to participate in market competition will be lower than that of a professional printing company that has no way to retreat.

The second short board is that the target market is small and it is difficult to make significant progress. Professional printing companies face a huge market, and customers will put forward various requirements, which will force companies to go all out to meet the requirements of customers, otherwise they will face the irresponsibility. Although the publishing houses run their own digital printing plants, they have to deal with the editors and readers of the publishing houses, but in the face of familiar friends, communication is relatively easy. A professional printing company for the market.

The third one of the shortcomings is that if digital printing is to be profitable, the relationship between short-run production and mass production must be resolved to ensure the contradiction of equipment operation, and the single source of business of the publisher cannot meet the requirements for equipment saturation production. The difficulty of making profit from the digital printing factories run by publishers is greater than that of professional printing companies.

Of course, both strengths and weaknesses are variables. As long as we address issues that may arise and take effective measures, it is entirely possible for short boards to become strengths. In the digital age, traditional ways of thinking are changing. In terms of printing, the original emphasis on professional division of labor, in the developed countries and even prepress production, printing and binding are each their own business, but now emphasis on breaking the margins, mutual integration. In the period of new media, the final result of publishing a digital printing factory by itself is still to be observed. The key is to proceed from its own conditions, and the only thing that suits itself is the best.

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