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Questions And Reflections In Green Printing Questions And Reflections On Indian Enterprises' Practice In Green Printing
May 28, 2018

Recently I saw correspondence between Beijing Printing Association and Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau regarding Beijing printing companies' sewage charges. The letter from the Beijing Indo-China Association reflects the views of Beijing printing companies on fees, mainly whether the billing method is appropriate and whether the burden on the printing companies is excessive. In fact, the author thinks that the charges are only specific issues concerning the economic interests of printing companies. It should also raise questions and find answers.

1. Based on the current level of environmental protection technology in the world, will printing companies that have undergone environmental protection manage to meet the government's prescribed emission standards (objective possibilities)? If they cannot be achieved, which government charges will lose their meaning (not necessary); Achievable, which is a matter of simple funding and burden (subjective possibility).

2. Is the purpose of government fees and charges simply to promote the greening of printing companies, or does it require that printing companies must move out of the designated areas?

The essence of the first question is whether the greenization of printing is objectively feasible.

The essence of the second question is whether the greening of the printing industry is carried out on-site or off-site?

Only if these two issues are clear, will the printing company's green actions not be white!

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