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Red Seal 100 Win-Win New Future
Dec 06, 2018

“Red Seal 100” is a public welfare plan launched by Jinguan Technology based on the e-box printing of the color box packaging e-commerce platform. This plan will screen out 100 printing enterprises nationwide, help these enterprises to realize the e-commerce system construction one by one, and optimize the “explosive products” of these enterprises to realize sharing. 100 alliance companies have mutual benefits. As long as the products are good enough, each alliance company not only has more than 99 dealers, but also increases the source of core product orders, and can also expand the product category at zero cost, and then can not pick up, do not want to pick up, Can not do orders, activate the potential demand of "sleeping customers", increase the repurchase rate, and efficient open source to build a benign printing ecosystem. In the future, Jinguan Technology will continue to expand the business of color box packaging e-commerce platform e-box printing, making it the most critical and fastest growing field in the Golden Crown technology business. In the future development layout, we will choose the strategic thinking and concept of “integration, sharing, and win-win” to promote the e-commerce revolution in the printing industry.

“Integration” means Jinguan Technology's e-commerce platform based on e-box printing, integrating the upstream and downstream quality resources of packaging and printing enterprises and the packaging and printing industry. It will become a regional partner in the hands of 100 excellent packaging and printing enterprises across the country, not only to achieve e-box printing. The order is near production, and the integration of high-quality materials and equipment suppliers and financial institutions to create a packaging and printing industry ecosystem.

“Sharing” means integrating the information, technology, services and personnel of e-printed strategic partners, so that these resources can be effectively shared on the e-printing platform. Jinguan Technology will combine its experience in Internet management and management, together with the innovation model of Printing Industry 4.0, to find 100 like-minded printing peers (such as label printing companies, digital printing companies, etc.) across the country to share the experience of Internet management. And implement training and support.

"Win-win" is our ultimate goal. In this era of e-commerce full of opportunities and challenges, printing companies can no longer fight alone or viciously. They only seek strategic cooperation, implement interest bundling, gather all kinds of advantageous resources, and form a huge competitive advantage in order to wash in the industry. Take the initiative in cards and competition. The e-printed "Red Seal 100" public welfare plan is to meet the interests of both partners and truly bring value to customers.


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