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Retro Style Retro Style Is The New Trend Of Custom Printing
- May 18, 2018 -

Retro style is a long and effective design trend. In 2018, the best packaging printing custom design style is retro style. Consumers desire an offline experience, so the best design style has begun to evolve into a retro. It no longer refers to a specific era or time period, but pays particular attention to offline, non-digital, and real life. Signature painting techniques also dominate the trend of retro, with plate-like serifs and script fonts that reference subtle, hand-painted lines that are not perfect.

When people are accustomed to a variety of new printing methods of colorful packaging box, will naturally feel that there is not much point of view, this is a characteristic of people, see a thing for a long time will be tired, according to this Why does the status quo not go retro box printing custom style?

       Retro design is a design style that many designers like, retro classics after years of precipitation, scrutiny, and more charm.

Attractive "retro" is subject to the following three elements.

       1, nostalgia

       Just like the 80s, many of the things you experienced in your childhood were unique. When you mentioned nostalgia, everything that was worthy of nostalgia in your childhood couldn't excite the same emotional experience in the eyes of a 90-year-old.

       2, sense of age

       The second one that highlights the “retro” visual effects is the sense of time. Simply put, it is time that will form a “wind and frost of years” in anything. The longer it is eroded by the years, the more prominent it will be.

       3, visual style

       The visual style here refers to the symbols of the elements of a certain age. For example, you have never lived in the 1920s, but you can learn about the common visual style of that era through the current media communication and design the Age sense style.

Fashion is a kind of reincarnation. Make a change and continue to be popular. Dongguan Cheung Lee Printing Co., Ltd. can give you a retro packaging printing custom style through the era, make your product more unique, more loved by everyone.

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