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Sales Channels Of Stickers Electronic Label Trademark Printing Factory Custom Stickers Electronic Label Sales Channels
May 12, 2018

Trademark printing factory electronic labels have brought great convenience to our lives, saving time and speed, and electronic labels have been applied in a wide range of fields. Applications include: anti-counterfeiting, production line management, warehouse management, sales channel management, Valuables management, book management, rental product management, logistics, car security, air parcel management.

      More and more consumers and groups want to use simpler tags to get more transparency and more useful information. Electronic tags are an ideal solution and a potential new marketing channel.

      Consumers can go to the website by scanning two-dimensional codes on food packaging where they can not only see the regulatory information they need but can also see product allergens, environmental stories, genetically modified conditions, production sources, moral credentials, and green benefits. The brand's corporate social responsibility results and other information.

      For consumers, trademark printing electronics tags have greater convenience, traceability, and transparency to enhance product identification and trust. For manufacturers, this means more sales opportunities and the smart younger generation's expectations and participation, mobile and eco-conscious consumers' expectations and participation in the point of sale.

      Not only that, the technology of electronic tags meets the needs of more personalized and interactive tags, and provides considerable development prospects.

      For example, there is a tag that allows DIY shoppers to model room content on the screen by entering room size information when considering which paint or blinds to purchase. With next generation Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, shoppers can access pseudo-realistic tags with rich data without having to swipe, wait, or download, but only get push notifications for products around these products.

      Unmanned supermarket is at the top of the wind. The unmanned supermarket is the basic business of retail stores. By using RFID tag technology and other high technologies to achieve 24-hour unmanned operation of retail stores, trademark printing factories rely on technology to bring new changes to the retail industry.

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