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Shenzhen Digital Printing Market Area Scan
Dec 07, 2018

As the first special economic zone established by China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen is the window of China's reform and opening up. It has developed into an international city with certain influence, creating the world-famous “Shenzhen Speed” and enjoying the “Design Capital”. The reputation of “City of the City” has occupied an important position in China's high-tech industry, financial services, foreign trade, marine transportation, creative culture and many other aspects. The multi-faceted industrial situation has also enabled the printing industry to develop rapidly. According to relevant information, in 2013, Shenzhen's printing industry reached a peak of glory, with 2,430 printing companies. However, afterwards, the printing industry in Shenzhen began to decline due to the impact of electronic media, the government's suppression of Sangong consumption, low-cost competition in the industry, and the sharp increase in rents and labor costs.

Bagua Ling is the signature of the printing industry in Shenzhen. It is also a representative printing industry group in China. During the most prosperous period, it has gathered more than 1,000 printing companies, including digital printing companies with digital proofing and commercial printing as their main business, and Nanshan. Chegong Temple, Huaqiang North and other places together form a gathering place for digital printing enterprises in Shenzhen. However, since 2010, the Bagualing printing industry has initially closed down and moved outside. After 2012, the government has been inhibited by the government's implementation of paperless office and Sangong consumption. The tide of bankruptcy continues and will reach its climax by 2015.

The grim situation presented by traditional printing companies has inevitably affected the digital printing industry in Shenzhen. This time I visited the area around Bagua Ling again, and a poster with "A3 single-sided color printing down to 0.6 yuan" was heart-wrenching. According to a digital printing operator, "Since 2014, it has clearly felt that the digital printing industry in Shenzhen has fallen into a whirlpool of price wars. The competition for homogenization is serious. In order to win customers at a lower price, it can only be used on ink and equipment. Reduce the cost, but in this way, the product quality can not be guaranteed, the added value of the product is extremely low, and further exacerbate the trend of the price war. In addition, in recent years, Shenzhen housing prices, store rents soared, also set up the shop usually on the street Another major blow to digital printing companies. Faced with the double pressure of sudden drop in business demand and a sharp increase in operating costs, how to find new profit points and create differentiated competitive advantages has become the top priority for Shenzhen digital printers.

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