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Smart + Digital: The Future Of Labels And Enterprises
- May 30, 2018 -

"Intelligence" and "digitalization" are two hot words in the recent transformation and upgrading of the label printing industry. How to achieve "intelligent" and "digital" is also a survival and development issue that cannot be avoided by every label printing company. "Intelligent" and "digital" "There are two levels of meaning. At the level of products and services, it refers to intelligent, digitalized label products and solutions; at the level of enterprise self-development, it means intelligent, digital production, operation, and management, that is, Industry 4.0. In the "special attention" period, we only focus on the product and service level.

Whether it is smart labels or digital labels, the core of which is data, data storage, data query, data tracking, data monitoring, data statistics, data analysis, etc. These or familiar or unfamiliar data applications, through the Internet, cloud computing, will The complicated and scattered data collection has led us into the era of big data. Labels, as an interface medium for data platforms, have also been given new value and vitality. The label printing company also took this opportunity to gain a historical opportunity to embrace big data and become a big data service provider with the original identity of the manufacturer. However, how to realize this kind of cross-border, the benevolent sees, the wise sees wisdom. In the face of unpredictable risks and thorns and rapids on the road ahead, the insights and experience of the pioneer are undoubtedly the best textbooks and compasses. The “frontier talks” of the six leading companies that have taken the lead in connecting big data around the topic of “What role do you play in the era of big data?” will help you analyze what models are the most suitable for you to embrace big data? What strengths need to be enhanced? What challenges will you meet?

RFID is a leader in intelligent solutions and its application prospects are limitless. However, the huge business opportunities it brings seem to be playing hide-and-seek with printing companies. The exploration of IoT services of Zhuhai Zhongshifa Technology Co., Ltd. may give you some inspiration. And confidence.

Digital printing is undoubtedly the development direction of label printing, but at this stage, besides short-run printing and personalized printing, what value does it have not yet developed? Take a look at the exploration results of Tianjin Norda Printing Co., Ltd.

Two-dimensional code as a database interface, what are the new highlights in this summer, brand merchants and businesses to give it what value, whether it can be transformed into a consumer's scan code enthusiasm? Xiao Bian take you into the supermarket in Beijing, take a look at The two-dimensional code provides deep marketing value for a wide range of beverages.

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