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Standardized Process Control And Newspaper Printing Quality
- May 29, 2018 -

The newspaper printing industry has experienced rapid development for more than ten years and is now being constantly impacted by new media. Newspaper media people are exploring and gradually moving toward media integration, while traditional newspapers still maintain its unique charm and high media effects. Newspaper printing as paper media, from the editing and typography to CTP plate making and other output electronic, printing equipment from design to configuration continuously updated, CNC and machinery more perfect combination, so that printing speed faster and better, printing quality is getting better and better . Due to the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of the quality of life, people have a higher goal for spiritual and material pursuit. Similarly, the quality requirements for newspapers are also increasing. At present, most newspapers are already printed in color newspapers. This puts higher requirements on the printing quality of newspapers. “Natural selection and survival of the fittest” can only survive if they adapt to this new change and continue to innovate and break through. And development. In this regard, this gives us higher requirements for the overall quality of management and printing personnel of our newspaper printing houses.

To a certain extent, the printing quality of newspapers is an all-round systematic project. The level of management and the use of standardization are the right way, which determines the quality of the product and the level of economic efficiency. Therefore, under the overall management framework, it is very necessary to formulate a good pre-press and printing link control. The management system is "hardware", and the human factor is "software." To improve the printing quality of newspapers, it is necessary to improve the management of hardware on the one hand, and on the other hand to do a good job of skills training and ideological work for employees, mobilize their enthusiasm, and do personnel well. The full development of technical and professional ethics. Relying on the management system, it closely focuses on the quality of newspapers. For example, “please come in and go out”, and constantly accumulate experience to improve operating skills and learn from each other in communication. Through deepening reforms, Zhengzhou Press Group has improved the management of “hardware and software” on the basis of the original system, emphasizing that quality always runs through the production process and both quality and timeliness emphasize these two “red lines”. The situation, the development of a sound quality management system, specifically the "four-phase management and control law" to manage the printing quality of newspapers:

The first section of control: prepress production

This link is to control the source. There are two main points. The first is the coordination and communication with the editorial department. The main focus of communication is the quality of the image file and the layout of the layout of the print. The first thing to do is to let the editor understand the printing and take into account the various factors that ultimately affect the quality of the product, so that the two parties can reach consensus; then the picture is produced. The newspaper picture is the eye of the newspaper. It not only can enrich the page, To increase the beauty, it also has the function of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The purpose of the picture production is to fully express the photographer's appeal, and comprehensively consider the printing process requirements, so that the production of images is suitable for printing. In simple terms, it means that the tone of the tone tone is adjusted and the tone of the tone is adjusted. The specific approach is as follows:

1. Be faithful to the manuscript, grasp the three-element tone, color, and sharpness so that the picture can be truly reproduced.

2. Photo-level adjustment of 40% to 60% of visually sensitive areas. People focus on adjusting the 3% to 10% tone value. There is a gradual sense of transition to avoid excessive jumping.

3 school color to ensure the accuracy of the main part of the color, CMYK format (or RGB) color separation parameters to be modified, to consider the difference between display and printing effects. The sum of tone values is 240% to 260%.

4. Grasp the degree of change when sharpening, feathering to grasp the amount. From the point of view of the screening process, sharpening also eliminates the effect of level loss due to screening, in order to be realistic.

5. The normalization of plotting staff sees the printing effect, making data mapping and standardization.

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