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Suggestion Of On Printing I Have 7 Suggestions On Printing In Shenzhen Printing Factory
May 03, 2018

Undoubtedly, in order to remain competitive in the contemporary market, more and more Shenzhen printing companies have provided their customers with digital printing and online ordering windows. If their customers have corporate customers located in different locations and ordinary consumers who need to order personalized print via the internet, online printing is faster and more efficient. The complexity of network services provided by printers can range from basic off-the-shelf software packages to highly customized, to self-developing complex solutions.


    Digital printing and web printing can not only make your printing equipment more user-friendly, but also improve the internal processes of production by creating more automated and simplified digital printing workflows. This means reducing the chances of internal personnel contact and the resulting higher profit margins. In addition, online printing can also help promote other value-added services to customers and create more loyal customers to prevent business loss.


In the process of building a network printing solution, I have 7 suggestions.

    1. Network printing should become a one-stop shop window for the entire marketing supply chain of printing brands. Printing companies need to exceed one-time order restrictions. By adopting the network printing method, the printing press can provide support for customers throughout the entire process. Through the analysis of big data, customers' needs, preferences and consumption levels can be calculated. When the brand needs additional hot-selling products, orders can be easily ordered through the digital printing store, providing quick delivery.

    2. Expand your business beyond printing. Printing is the cornerstone of all walks of life. However, through the implementation of network printing solutions, printing can reach more industries and seek more opportunities. Additional revenue can come from personalized products, on-demand marketing, and gifts.

    3. Increase revenue through recurring orders. It is not enough to rely solely on personal orders to maintain the printing business. Many successful printers have established regular orders with loyal customers. However, having an online print shop can allow brand customers to easily set up continuous print orders and seize opportunities for corporate growth such as personalized publishing.

    4. Let customers visit the company. The customers want to know how you can create value for them. Invite customers to visit your business and equipment and show them how your marketing platform simplifies their marketing tasks, visit new digital presses in operation, and meet with your staff. Let customers know that you want to establish a partnership with them and allow them to control their designs, products, and schedules.

    5. Personalized marketing is more important than ever. It is no secret that personalized products can produce unexpected results. With major advances in printing technology (such as the production of inkjet technology), printers can effectively improve their printing capabilities through customized and customized products involving various high-end applications.

    6. Keep your customers informed of their brand, budget and inventory. The main advantages of online printing are the streamlining of the ordering process, enabling companies to create business during non-business hours, reordering customized and personalized print products, ensuring brand control and expanding market coverage.

    7. Operate network printing in the way customers want. Your customers want to automatically distribute printed materials to their customers, branches, partners, and employees in various field offices. Web Printing simplifies the ordering process, allowing your customers to fully control and manage their print purchasing systems.


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