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Summer Printing Ink Should Pay Attention To These Little Things
Jun 11, 2018

1. The pressure of the ink scraper

When using an ink scraper, there must be some pressure, to let the blade through the ink layer directly contact the plate to play the role of scraping ink. Many manufacturers is adopted in the current gravure press pneumatic pressure, when using general pressure between the 2 kg to 3 kg for the appropriate, no need to manually adjust the pneumatic pressure, it is advisable to adjust pressure can scrape ink does not need too big. Shallow-screen printing should have less pressure than scraper.


2. The Angle of the ink scraper

In the process of printing paper color boxes, the Angle of the ink scraper is adjusted according to the depth of the mesh holes of the roll, rather than one Angle. Generally scraping blade in contact with the version of the roll Angle of 45 ° to 60 °. When the plate roller is too shallow, the Angle of the scraper strain is small, when the plate roller is too deep, the Angle of the scraper should be too large, this is the adjustment principle of the Angle of the ink scraper.


3. Quality of printing plate cots

In the process of printing the big gift boxes, the quality of the press roller, the softness of the rubber roller and the cleanliness of the rubber roller have a great influence on the quality of the printing products. At present, there are two kinds of rubber rollers on the printing press. The second is the polyurethane roller. Its essential difference is the price problem and solvent resistance performance, as long as keep the rubber roller clean, smooth, pressure uniformity can basically meet the requirements. If there is pressure in the printing, especially in the field, the inclined stripe, when the adjustment pressure is not effective, the rubber roll should be replaced. Therefore, the rubber roller also plays an important role in printing.


4. Working viscosity of ink

Ink viscosity of the adjustment is according to the machine speed, version of the printing press roller to determine the depth degree, machine faster ink viscosity is relatively lower, ink viscosity relative higher machine speed slower, roller screen hole deep ink relatively larger, roller screen hole shallow ink viscosity is relatively smaller, this is in the printing ink viscosity, is also a principle of ink viscosity adjustment at any time. In normal printing, the printing ink in the diluent is volatile, which you will need to add thinner to reduce the viscosity, should better when adding diluent added or add new ink in the ink pump more thinner, so as to protect the whole volume design color inconsistent phenomenon. Shallow screen printing ink viscosity is not high.


5. Adjustment of solvent volatilization rate

Thinner is not a single solvent, but a variety of solvents. Various solvents have the function of various solvents, also according to the volatile speed of various solvents, according to a certain proportion of preparation. The diluent can be divided into: quick dry, medium dry and slow dry. Plain gift boxes can be printed according to the speed of your own printing machine. This also plays a significant role in the quality of printing.

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