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The Application Of RFID/EPC Technology The Application Of RFID/EPC Technology In Shenzhen Food Printing And Packaging Industry
- May 10, 2018 -

It is usually stored in the circulation of goods. The use of RFID/EPC technology can realize the informatization of warehouse management and the automation of commodity allocation. The reader is installed on the shelf, and it can detect the product variety, position and quantity according to the RFID tag attached to the commodity package. The information reader is connected to the computer network, and the computer can control the stacking according to the received information. Machines, forklifts, picking trucks, etc. work automatically. The use of RFID tags has accelerated the speed of order processing and reduced the picking error rate.

      In addition, the use of RFID/EPC technology also creates conditions for the automatic processing of waste packaging recycling. Since the packaging chip contains the material information of the packaging, the sorting machine of the waste recycling bin can use the different information read by the reader. Waste packaging is automatically sorted.

      In short, the use of RFID tags on packaging by Shenzhen printing companies is of great importance to protecting the interests of enterprises, distributors and consumers, reducing costs, and promoting sales. Many domestic companies have realized the important value of RFID tags and started to produce and use RFID tags. At present, the main problem with the promotion of this tag is its high cost and it can only be used on the packaging of some valuable commodities. Now many international and domestic companies and research departments are working to develop low-cost RFID tags. Experts estimate that the price of RFID tags will be reduced to acceptable levels within five years. With the continuous reduction of its cost, the role of RFID tags will also be fully utilized in the packaging field of Shenzhen printing factory.

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