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The Development Of Different Enterprises Is Gradually Stratified, And The Business Field Is Gradually Refined.
Dec 07, 2018

As early as the early 1990s, when the concept of digital printing rose, Guangzhou was the first domestic digital printing company represented by God. Similar to the origins of the first generation of digital printing companies in other regions, some companies started with the export of architectural graphics and then gradually transitioned to the digital printing field. At the same time, because Guangzhou is the birthplace of graphic office industry, it is also the largest distribution center for office equipment and consumables in the country. Early OA equipment suppliers and agents have also joined the field of graphic fast printing. Guangzhou Dayang Digital Printing Co., Ltd. It is one of the representatives.

At the time when the pilots opened up new opportunities, more and more followers heard the news, and with the promotion of national policies and market environment, Guangzhou digital printing industry quickly entered the fast lane of development, and some of the previous capitalization was completed. Accumulated digital printing companies pursued the pursuit of victory, on the one hand, the introduction of high-end digital printing equipment, on the other hand continued chain expansion. There are also some digital printing companies that use the fast-printing store as the main form of business. Due to the narrow business scope and low level of equipment performance, the business models are similar, and they cannot form a competitive advantage of scale or differentiation.

In the long run, Guangzhou digital printing enterprises have gradually shown a stratified development trend, and the gap between enterprises has widened and even polarized. Among them, the first echelon of digital printing companies, including more than 30 direct chain stores, to achieve cross-regional chain service, is blessed with more than 20 stores, and actively create a digital printing factory in Guangzhou Guangsen Digital Printing Company. In the Guangdong and even the national digital printing market, there is a certain degree of influence. It is worth mentioning that the three companies have different business focuses, and they are known for their fast-printing and personalized video business. The image is in the ocean. The engineering graphic field occupies an absolute market share; while Guangsen Digital focuses on commercial printing, it has been cultivating in the field of recipes and other subdivisions. During the visit, some interviewees said that in the national digital printing market, Guangzhou is the most clearly segmented market in the business sector. In addition to the three digital printing companies of the first echelon, there are also some digital printing companies that have shown great potential for development. For example, Guangzhou Huiteng Graphic Center has laid more than 10 stores, and Guangzhou Meijing Graphic Printing Center has also With five stores, these digital printing companies have grown rapidly in recent years.

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