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The Difference Of Printing And Plastic Printing Do You Know The Difference Between Printing And Plastic Printing In Shenzhen Printing?
- May 19, 2018 -

Many people think that plastic printing and paper printing are the same, but the Shenzhen printing company tells you that, unlike plastic and paper, the two are individual and incommunicable. Let's take a closer look at plastic and Differences in paper printing are different in the end, so as to better understand printing.

      The art decoration design, plate making equipment, and plate making process of color manuscripts are basically the same. The structure, embossing and printing principles of the printing press are the same. Multi-color rotogravure rotary presses and multi-color flexographic rotary presses can be used both for printing plastics and for printing roll wrappers.

      The juxtaposition of various color dots forms more new colors. Make the product colorful, lifelike image, artistic appeal.

      The process of copying color images: From the point of view of color, the Shenzhen printing factory has gone through three stages: color decomposition, color transfer, and color combination.

      Different substrates are printed. One is plastic, and the other is paper. Their physical and chemical properties are very different. The paper surface has a certain degree of roughness, good adsorption state and capillary action, and the printing ink is easily attached on the paper surface. Before printing, the paper needs to be laid flat in the room for a period of time to dry paper, and a static eliminator is installed on the printing machine to eliminate static electricity and be used for printing. The plastic film is different. For example, polyethylene and polypropylene films with the highest dosage on the package have high surface smoothness, strong inertness, low strength, strong chemical stability, and are not easy to accept ink infiltration. In addition, the plastic itself has anti-oxidant properties. Can affect the dryness of plastic printing, affect the adhesion of the ink layer and the film.

      Ink cannot be used interchangeably. Paper printing and plastic printing Due to the different characteristics of printing materials, the printing ink drying method and the frantic connection materials are different. Therefore, the printing ink cannot be used to print a plastic film, otherwise the film cannot be dried. Shenzhen Printing Factory learned that even when using the same type of plastic film, due to the use of different printing machines (gravure or flexo printing), the printing speed and imprinting method are different, and the difference between “printing” and “printing” is different. There are also different requirements for the binders and additives.

      As the name implies, the above distinction clearly describes the differences between plastic and paper materials. I believe we all understand clearly. Cheung Lee Printing is a comprehensive brand printing enterprise integrating prepress production, printing, post-press processing and logistics into a whole. It is a professional custom packaging box gift box, color page, photo album and other printed materials. Welcome to consult.

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