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The Function Of Standardization In Label Printing The Function Of Standardization In Label Printing Production
- May 28, 2018 -

As the downward pressure on the economy gradually emerges, the intensity of the national environmental protection policy continues to increase, and the price of printed products, especially labels, has been declining year by year, and the corresponding prices of raw and auxiliary materials have continued to rise. Under such circumstances, the overall cost of the label printing industry is presented. Year by year, the growth rate further enhance the situation. What about label printing companies? It is expected that the help from the outside world can only be a matter of time. The key is to further cultivate their internal strength. Only by knowing their own family can they fight for a world on the market.

In the following, we take the offset lithographic offset as an example. What are the icebergs hidden in the water, energy saving, and emission reduction in the label printing of a disk? How to achieve energy conservation, consumption reduction, and emission reduction through standardized operations?

Specification process

The full range of specifications covers all aspects of label production, including not only the order before and after the orders are placed in daily production, the order in which different products are printed, the logistics arrangements in the production process, but also the requirements to be followed in the design process. My company's daily production of labels are mostly fixed products, although these products are different, but some products have the same color sequence, hue, these products will be sorted together and then arrange the printing order, will save a lot of version, recovery The time can also save a certain amount of car wash water, so that consumption can be reduced. In addition, the reasonable arrangement of follow-up processing and the timing of printing and subsequent processing can also ensure that the supporting products are shipped within the specified time. For example, some products need to be packaged in boxes, but square labels and back labels can only be cut, but the cap labels need to be cut and die-cut in two processes. At this time, the cap labels are first arranged for printing, and then the cutting process is planned. , can meet the requirements of the collective processing of the three types of trademarks, thereby enhancing the overall production efficiency and reducing the time spent doing no work. Printing and subsequent processing do a good job of placing the appropriate equipment, and planning a good operating sequence, can also minimize the logistics costs, and thus more effectively improve production efficiency.

Of course, these are all visible, and there are potential problems related to the design and layout process. That is to say, it is necessary to ensure that the layout of multiple joints meets the requirements of various processes for printing and post-processing, and to carefully scrutinize the dimensions between the layout and the trademark. In order to achieve the optimal utilization of paper, the entire printing production process will form a systematic operation mode. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the size of the trapping between printed products, whether there is bleeding around the trademark, orchestration, and whether the blank part of the trademark needs to be glazed, etc. in order to satisfy the printing and subsequent cutting and die-cutting requirements. The product yield is optimal. In addition, it is also necessary to consider that a relatively small number of squares, backs and other series of trademarks can be printed on a single printing plate, so that the number of printing plates, the number of exchanges can be reduced, reflect the savings from the details, improve efficiency, increase profit.

The soldiers and horses do not move and feed ahead. It is only necessary to plan ahead before the production of label products to reduce unnecessary waste, thereby fundamentally improving overall production efficiency.

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