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The Global Packaging And Printing Market Faces Five Challenges
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Packaging industry plays an important role in the whole printing industry. In the increasingly digital world, colored packaging boxes packaging printers have ample and stable growth opportunities. Although the packaging industry has maintained a good momentum of development, packaging printers have faced some new challenges in assessing their operations. Packaging printing, a leading us print magazine, recently released a new study, "studying and mitigating the huge challenges in the packaging printing market." The report of the samples from the journal of packaging and printing and NAPCO research institution in February in January - a survey of more than 150 printing and packaging enterprises, the report detailed description and analysis of the packaging industry's challenges. According to the report, the major challenges of the global packaging and printing market is divided into five aspects: the growth of sales and profits is out, labor shortages, digital printing trends come integration, enterprise expansion, the industry faces.

Although packaging and printing industry of every area has its own unique process, and therefore will face different challenges, but according to research, there are some things in common between all market segments, because such issues as customization has affected the entire packaging industry. Although the results of this study are not uniformly distributed in various packaging market segments, the sample size of companies in various fields is abundant. And the survey results show that packaging printers are migrating between these segments, blurring once well-defined segments.

Challenge 1 increased sales and decreased profits

A common challenge for all businesses is increased sales, which is surprising. The reason is that sales are up, but profits are down. A third of respondents said it was the business challenge that would have the biggest impact on the company in 2018. Sales growth was the biggest concern of the companies surveyed, and the challenge varied among companies. When asked to elaborate printing, production, or the specific challenges in terms of operational efficiency, more than half of respondents representative said, keep pace with the operation and expansion of the industry is one of the major challenges they face. Over the years, as brands have expanded their product lines, a trend toward "producing more products in lower volumes" has emerged in packaging and printing. The number of products on the shelf remains the same, but there are more varieties.

According to the report, brands are expanding their product lines and are demanding shorter packaging times. However, frequent update of printing machines leads to a decline in the production speed of popular trendy boxes packaging printers. At the same time, representatives of other companies surveyed said a smaller operation would give them additional capacity to fill sales. "In terms of sales, quantity is not necessarily the problem, profitability is the key," said the head of one company interviewed. Many respondents said price competition was their top concern. As one respondent put it: "sales have increased, but profits have not kept up because of pressure from brands."

Challenge 2: labor shortages are acute

Across the manufacturing world, Labour shortages have worried businesses. The packaging and printing industry is not immune to the retirement of experienced technology workers and the search for other forms of employment among younger workers. In addition to technical problems and changes in the consumer environment, one of the most alarming business challenges facing packaging printers is emerging, namely a shortage of Labour.

The existing workforce is coming to the end of their careers, and companies are trying to find new people to take over their jobs. According to the survey results, 28 per cent of the companies surveyed listed attracting, recruiting and hiring new production staff as their first challenge. Likewise, 25 percent of respondents said aging or retirement in the sector was their number one challenge. In the report on the analysis of the challenges, labor shortage, ranking behind only sales and production challenges, it shows a new trend, suggests that it may soon become the industry a greater difficulties.

Challenge 3 digital printing brings about production change

More than half of respondents said they had invested in or were considering investing in digital printing. The report's findings suggest that more product categories mean shorter and faster operations, as well as increased downtime for printing presses, leading to waste. As this challenge becomes more common across the industry, it will require companies to use new devices more suited to this reality.

It makes sense, therefore, that 53 per cent of the companies surveyed chose to invest in digital printing technology when asked to choose actions to address these production problems. Since its birth, digital printing has been regarded as an effective solution to the short-term production of packaging printing industry. Although only a small fraction of product packaging is now done by digital printing, there is reason to believe that this number will increase in the near future.

Challenge 4: seek expansion to increase revenue

While the report shows that improving internal practices and sales processes is a key factor in overcoming the challenges of the packaging and printing business, increasing sales and expanding customer base is also a major goal of the packaging and printing business. Not only do they need to increase sales in top business challenges, representatives of the companies surveyed said they were looking for new customers in current and new segments.

When asked to cope with the challenge of these business action, 51% of respondents said they were digging in the traditional market new customers, 51% of respondents representative said they discover new customers in new markets. This suggests that packaging printers are trying to increase their workload and revenue by finding new customers.

Challenge 5 intensified competition accelerated integration

Another external factor affecting the packaging and printing industry is increased competition. Technological advances have undoubtedly made it easier for companies to market their products. As commercial printers seek to expand their capabilities and extend their influence to other areas of packaging, the report says, divisions across the industry are consolidating. There was disagreement among companies over whether the trend was worrying, with 52 per cent saying increased competition was worrying and 48 per cent saying they were not.

Among those who saw the convergence as a threat, 66 per cent of respondents said the threat came from commercial printers entering their traditional applications. Meanwhile, 18 per cent of respondents said they felt only threats from other segments, while 16 per cent said they felt only threats from commercial printers. Although it is a trend for some packaging printers may be shocking, but it also shows that kids see colour box packaging and printing enterprise has a chance to prove why they most good at their job, or by identifying opportunities and packaging printing technology to expand its business scope.

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