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The Importance Of Packaging And Labeling To The Product
- May 29, 2018 -

The circulation products of all walks of life should be used for packaging. So what are the concepts and functions of packaging for the big brand companies in the fast-moving consumer goods industry? What are the roles of labels on product packaging?

Big brand packaging concept and function

Packaging protection

Quality is the guarantee of products, and quality is the life of an enterprise. If packaging does not provide effective protection, such as breakage, scratches, or product breakage caused by falling during transport and storage, it is considered as a product of packaging. The protection is not enough; in addition, in the e-commerce field where the current channel share is increasing, the product packaging performance requirements are higher. In the longer and more complex logistics chain, to ensure that the goods reach the consumers in good hands will bring to the packaging Bigger challenge.

Functional certification is seen as an extremely important part of the packaging certification process in brand companies. The testing of various functions (such as drop, vibration, friction, etc.) of the product during the proofing stage must pass the certification. At the same time, many companies have included the test of the actual transport into the scope of the packaging function certification. The scope of the test is from the small-scale test. From mid-scale trials to large-scale trials and final large-scale production stages, as well as channel tracking after production, such as supermarkets, large warehouses, e-commerce logistics warehouses, etc. Therefore, the protection of products is the primary task of packaging.

Package appearance display function

Another important function of packaging is to promote sales. In addition to the necessary product descriptions as stipulated by laws and regulations, graphic design with appropriate color patterns and fine textual expressions can enhance the appearance of the packaging. At the same time, the exquisite structural design combined with functions can also bring a sense of three-dimensionality and realism to the product. Of course, certain material processing techniques, such as the cat's eye process for printing, the use of special paper, etc., can enhance the visual appearance of the product. Together with the popular two-dimensional code-one-one-code technology and AR technology, it can increase the customer's interactive experience, allowing consumers to perceive content other than product identification information.

Packaging Environmental Mission

Many brand companies proposed that while increasing product sales, energy-saving emission reduction is also a key goal, which specifically refers to the requirement to reduce carbon emissions. The main points are as follows: First, to reduce the number of packages, packaging that has nothing to do with product protection function and appearance display can be eliminated from use, and it is also conducive to improving production efficiency. Second, the weight of single-piece packaging, ie, weight reduction, is reduced because Each fixed unit weight package will produce a corresponding amount of carbon emissions in the production process. The more lightweight package, such as the traditional hard package into a soft package, will be more friendly to the environment; Third, the package can be recycled, for example, with In the e-commerce channel sites, carton boxes and buffers, cleaning supplies and foods are used in combination with rigid packaging and refills (flexible packaging), etc. These are considered as the most direct material savings; the fourth is the recycling of packaging, using a single Recyclable packaging, such as polyethylene film, polypropylene containers, tin boxes, etc., can be collected and processed for recycling; Fifth, optimization of the packaging process, such as the use of water-based inks, uncoated cartons, solvent-free glue or Water-based glue and so on. Environmental protection is a public good, and it is also the business of every packaging person.

The finishing touch to the label

The label, which carries the complete product information and display effect, also highlights the temperament and personality of the product itself. It should be said that the product packaging plays a key role. One of the requirements for labeling on finished product packaging is quality: no wrinkle, no air bubbles, no scratches, no flash, etc., precision overprinting, no overlap, no ink leakage, no ink impurities, etc. Well, no Alice. The other is the new requirement of the information age, that is, carrying more product introduction materials, displaying them in the form of two-dimensional codes, connecting to the brand story behind more products, promotion information of similar products, and so on. Another is AR technology. That is, consumers can scan the product label and play the previously recorded video and photo files so that the consumers feel that they are in the realm of the game and integrate into the brand, thus enhancing the sense of presence of the consumers.

Future label development trends

The label is never the more expensive or the higher the cost, the better, but the more consistent with brand positioning, the better the brand personality. Of course, the choice of labels is also limited by the profitability index of the product, and the balance of materials, processes, and design needs to be sought within a limited cost space. However, the future label is a collection carrier of big data. It can integrate consumer usage data and omni-channel logistics data through RFID technology, becoming an important resource for brand companies and facilitating the further development of new markets.

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