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The Influence Of Fountain Solution The Influence Of Fountain Solution On The Printing Process Of Color Page Corporate Albums
- May 19, 2018 -

In daily corporate book printing work, few people will notice the fountain solution, and its role is only to understand that it plays a dampening role in regulating the hydrophilicity of the hydrophilic part of the surface of the printing plate. In offset printing, the role played by the auxiliary fountain solution in the traditional offset printing process is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is to form a water film on the blank part of the printing plate; the other is to supplement the hydrophilicity damaged in the printing process. Layer; third is to reduce the surface temperature of the printing plate. Although not bright enough, it can have a great impact on the printing process. Printing workers should pay full attention and operate correctly in their work to produce satisfactory corporate book prints.

      1. Paper and paper powder accumulate on the rubber surface: The acid in the fountain solution damages the paper coating.

      2, printing hair: paper surface coating off the accumulation in the ink roller, blanket and on the plate.

      3, printing plates off: fountain solution additives too acid or corrosive too strong.

      4. Corrosion of the printing plate: The effluent of the printing plate against the plate surface is insufficient. PH value is too high, which intensifies the emulsification, excessive additives, poor adjustment of the ink roller pressure, excessive alcohol, and over-inking, etc. will allow the printing plate to be damaged.

      5, foaming: fountain solution recycling detergent is too strong or the additive itself is foaming.

      6, poor drying: PH value is too low, bad ink paper, paper acid is too strong.

      7. Insufficient anti-friction force: PH value is too high, alcohol is too little, plate anti-dirty power is insufficient, roller is poorly adjusted, and ink supply is not correct.

      8, dirty version: fountain solution is too little, fountain solution is no longer suitable for use, fountain solution is contaminated, machine adjustment is not correct.

      9, flying ink: excessive emulsification, ink and water imbalance.

      10, fountain solution Corrupted odor: lack of additives, water microbial breeding, antibacterial ingredients are inadequate.

      11. Bottom fouling: PH is too high, the printing plate is poorly wetted, the ink volume is too large, the ink on the printing plate and the rubber, the alcohol is too low, the ink and water is not balanced, and the water quality is problematic.

      12, water roller ink: In the dampening fluid in the hydrophilic material is too little.

      13, ink roller heap: wrong fountain solution ratio, excessive emulsification, PH value is too high, alcohol content is too low.

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