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The Latest Technology In Flexo
Jan 11, 2019

First, the laser-flexible flat top dot technology, which is a very hot technology in recent years, is based on the direct plate-making technology to further improve the wear resistance of high-gloss small dots, thereby improving the printing durability of the printing plate. Second, Kodak FlexcelNX flexographic dot technology uses square laser technology to randomly generate polygonal rectangles with a minimum dot diameter of 10μm. Thirdly, Esko HD dot technology uses a circular laser. Due to the participation of oxygen during the main exposure process, the photosensitive resin is not completely reacted, and the dot is sharpened by the washing, and the diameter becomes small. Fourth, Japan's Asahi's water-washing technology, which is characterized by the surface tension of the printing plate that matches the surface tension of the UV ink, is not prone to blockage during printing. I have followed this type of plate and found that the surface tension is 1 to 2 mN/m lower than the surface tension of the laser plate we usually use. Fifth, DuPont's thermal plate technology, this is an environmentally friendly technology that deserves our attention. It warms the uncured photosensitive resin from solid to liquid and then liquefies it under a certain pressure. The resin is sucked out, and the interference with the surface tension of the printing plate when washing with the washing solution (including the organic solvent and the aqueous solvent) is eliminated, and the surface tension of the inking area and the depressed area of the printing plate can be controlled to not fluctuate. Sixth, ContiTech's rubber plate technology, which is based on the offset horse brand blanket, the offset printing blanket has a very high printing durability, which can reach 5 million to 6 million impressions, so to reduce the cost of flexo printing, This is a way to consider. Seventh, other prepress technologies of flexo, such as square round net technology, hybrid mesh technology in special areas, and micro-hole technology on the surface of printing plates (field screening technology). Why should we emphasize prepress technology here? As the saying goes, "seven-point version, three-point printing" is about the importance of plate making, and the importance of plate making is mainly reflected in prepress technology. Therefore, we must understand and master prepress technology when we engage in printing.

What are the characteristics of the new flexo technology? First, the flat top dot is a major correction to the laser flexo, which restores and improves the UV curing strength of the printing plate and improves the printing durability of the printing plate. Second, the most basic principle of flexo determines the characteristics of the printing plate. The printing durability of the printing plate of the flexographic ink printing process is the highest, which can exceed the printing durability of the gravure of 600,000 to 700,000 printing (no plating, one time) The printing durability of the engraved UV ink and solvent ink printing process is much worse. The printing plate often has a lot of problems in the second printing, such as the break point of the independent point. , plate cracking, wear, insufficient printing resistance, lack of nets, etc. Third, there is a deficiency in the conventional washing method, that is, the solubility of the washing solvent fluctuates. In fact, flexographic suppliers have fixed test methods for washing solvents, such as periodically testing several data, and then adding certain solvents according to the test values. But how many companies in the industry insist on doing this? As far as I know, everyone is running out of old solvents and then changing a new bucket of solvent. As for what is missing, only some companies are doing this. Because of this, the surface tension of the printing plate is fluctuated. Fourth, research on the surface tension of printing plates that matches the surface tension of inks is worthy of attention. In recent years, many companies in China have been working on this. As far as I know, a company that does KFC product packaging found in production that after determining a certain type of printing plate, if the ink with different surface tensions is used, the probability that the printing plate will not block the plate is greatly increased. Therefore, the new technology based on the basic principles of flexo is worthy of our attention. The first-line flexographic technicians in China have been keenly aware of this.

In short, quality and cost are the internal driving force of flexo innovation, flat-top outlets, fine small outlets, all to improve the quality of flexo printing and reduce its cost. It is not a purely theoretical issue, but a real one. Cost issues, practical issues.

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