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The Price Of Paper Bursts The Price Of Paper Bursts, Color Box Printing Factory Goods Are Ready?
- May 22, 2018 -

In the paper market, 100 factories shouted and thousands of businesses panicked. See WeChat inside and outside, all kinds of crazy. All manufacturers, paper steal. In the Year of the Rooster Dance, the paper is like a rocket, and it is highly desirable to compete with the US dollar. When it comes to selling, look at the size of shops and only hate paper. Paper is so proud, so that countless businesses stand up. In the past, ginger and garlic were slightly lost. China's housing prices are less coquettish. Environmental rigorous investigation, wood pulp arrogance, do not control the market is good or not. Do not hesitate to seize the paper, grab to earn! Do not buy today, tomorrow is higher.

      The color box printing factory can see through this first edition of Gengyuanchun that the cumulative increase in paper mills is higher and higher, which is a wave of price increases, and quotes are changing every day.

      Corrugated paper prices rose sharply, more violent than the first wave

      According to data monitoring, on May 7th, the price of 140g corrugated paper saw a sharp increase. The average price of the current day was 4350 yuan/ton, and the increase price was around 200-500 yuan/ton, compared with the previous day's corrugated paper producer. The price is floating 6.75%.


      Products: After Wuyi, the corrugated paper stocks appeared low, and the demand for corrugated paper rose into the rising period. Many paper mills' overhauls also started to resume production. The phenomenon of undersupply also drove up the price of corrugated base paper.


      Industrial chain: As of May 2, the price of scrap yellow paper in the country has been driven by the policy of “strong supervision of US waste enforcement”, and the country’s prices have shown a large-scale upward trend. The waste paper as the main raw material for the production of corrugated paper, the continuous increase in the price of the paper caused the manufacturer to face a loss-making operation, and was forced to significantly increase the price of corrugated paper.


      Industry: In late May, the paper mills began to prepare for the E-Commerce activities in the middle of the year, like Jingdong 618 and Tmall's ideal livelihood. This is the second-biggest e-commerce activity in the whole year, and many offline Shangchao will also use 618 to hold some promotional activities. Companies need to prepare for these online and offline activities in advance. Therefore, corrugated medium as the production material for the carton packaging boxes of color box printing plants has gradually shifted from the off-season to the peak season.

      Forecast: Analysts believe that the current demand for corrugated paper is starting to fade, and manufacturers are also entering the production period. If the price of raw paper as raw materials is still rising, the price of corrugated paper may continue to increase. In the short term, the arrival of the peak season of paper products, coupled with the continued shrinking of the normal amount of waste products, the price of finished paper products will easily rise and fall.

      Folding printers learned of the increase of 41 price-raising letters, a single increase of 100-500 yuan / ton

Shandong: 6


Shandong Shouguang Luli Paper: From May 9th, the price of all products has been raised by RMB 300/t.


Shandong Depak Paper: From May 8th, all yarns were increased by RMB 500/t.


Shandong Yongtai Paper: From May 7 onwards, high-strength corrugated paper will be adjusted at RMB 200/t.


Shandong Fengyuan Tongda Power Ecological Branch Company: From May 7 onwards, the arrival price of bobbin paper was increased by RMB 300/t.


Qingdao Jiaonan Ruiyuan Paper Co., Ltd.: May 6th, raised 150 yuan/ton, including uncompleted orders.


Huisheng Group: On May 5th, the yarn management paper will be adjusted at RMB 200/t.


Henan: 3


Xinxiang Xinya Paper: Corrugated paper prices have been raised by 300-500 yuan/ton.


Shangqiu Jiasheng Paper: The price of recycled boxboard paper has been raised by RMB 200/t.


Henan Henry Paper: May 8th, once again raised 200 yuan / ton.


Hebei: 10 companies


Qinhuangdao Shengtai Paper: From May 8th, the weight of high-strength corrugated paper was adjusted at RMB 200/tonne.


Pa City Huatong Paper: May 8 high-strength corrugated paper transfer 300 yuan / ton (original uncompleted orders within the scope of the price adjustment).


Botou Longda Paper Co., Ltd.: Since May 8, 2018, our high-strength corrugated paper and tube paper have been raised by RMB 200 per ton. Unfinished orders and advance payment are within this price range.


Jinzhou Youwo Packaging Supplies Co., Ltd.: Since May 7, 2018, whiteboard paper has been increased by RMB 200/ton on the basis of the original unit price.


Shahe Jiufa Paper: From May 8th, the price of tube paper increased by RMB 200/t.


Shahe Hengyuan Paper Mill: From May 6 onwards, the finished paper price will increase by RMB 100 per ton without tax.


Shahe City Jintong Coated Paper: Since the environmental protection situation is grim, enterprises stop production at any time, limit production, raw material prices continue to rise and other reasons, since May 5, the ex-factory price per ton of finished paper is not increased by 100 yuan.


Shahe City, Qiao Paper: May 5, the paper tube on the tune 100 yuan / ton.


Shahe City Jinxin Paper: On May 8th, the yarn tube paper was adjusted at RMB 200/t.


Shahe City Jinxin Paper: From May 9, A grade high-strength corrugated paper is adjusted to 300 yuan/ton. After the adjustment 140g corrugated paper factory price 4000 yuan / ton.


Tianjin: 1


Tianjin Guangjuyuan Paper Group: High-strength corrugated paper will be increased by 200 yuan from May 9th and 200 yuan on recycled boxboard.


Zhejiang: 6


Hangzhou Fuyang Xinyuan Paper: From May 8th, the price of whiteboard paper has been raised by RMB 100/t.


Zhejiang Chunsheng Holding Group: The selling price will increase by RMB 200/ton from May 7.


Zhejiang Upstream Paper: From May 7th, the price of whiteboard paper has been raised by RMB 200/t.


Hangzhou Haichen Paper Co., Ltd.: Starting May 7th, the gray-coated whiteboard paper will be adjusted to 200 yuan per ton (cutting plus size plus 50 yuan per ton, and special rules plus 70 yuan per ton).


Yiwu City, Yi Nan Paper: May 6th, A grade high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper transfer 200 yuan per ton.


Ningbo Niu Niu Group: From May 4th, Grade A gray board white paper will be adjusted at RMB 100 per ton. All uncompleted orders are included.


Jiangsu: 1


Nantong Xianglong Paper: From May 8, the price of corrugated paper was increased by RMB 200/t.


Guangdong: 1


Dongguan Xinfufa Paper: From May 6th, double grey cardboard will rise by RMB 200/t.


Fujian: 1


Fujian Lishu Co., Ltd.: From May 7 onwards, corrugated surface paper will be adjusted to 200 yuan per ton, and grade A grade B corrugated paper will be adjusted to 200 yuan per ton.


Guangxi: 1


Guangxi Jinrong Paper: From May 9th, the ex-factory price of 120g/140g high-strength corrugated base paper was increased by 300 yuan/ton.


Shaanxi: 1


Xi'an Yufeng Paper: Since May 5, 2018, finished paper has been raised by RMB 200/ton on the basis of the original price.


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