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The Printing Company Invest Integration How Much Does The Printing Company Invest In Integration?
May 28, 2018

"Twoizations are industrialization and informatization. However, we cannot simply understand the integration of the two technologies as the implementation of equipment and software, and more importantly, the word "integration."

When it comes to integration, I think that in the management of companies, we must first carry out economic management and use economic management as a basis. Secondly, through reengineering, the software can penetrate into the business process and organizational structure, allowing a set of systems and efficient operation to achieve the established business goals. The integration of the two is not a face-saving project. If we do well, we will be able to improve our sustainable competitiveness, achieve quality improvement, and reduce costs. However, it does not happen overnight. It needs to be tempered for a long time.

Two integrated investment funds

This is dry goods, hesitated or decided to come up and share with you. The cost of the two kinds of integration is huge, and it takes a lot of investment whether it is to engage in equipment or develop software. Now, the state has a lot of policies in innovation to support local projects. Everyone can pay attention to the government websites in each place. For example: the National Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Innovation Commission, the Commercial Commission, the Industry and Information Technology Commission... Pay attention to the keywords: integration, Internet+, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., apply for funds by paying attention to local government policies.

Two fusion goals

There is a certain goal for God's good fortune and integration, and we should not do it blindly. Then, to implement industrialization and informatization in the printing industry, we must achieve ordering:

1. Gather massive and personalized print orders through online e-commerce platforms and offline store chains.

2. Solve design requirements with template-based autonomous design tools and design services crowdsourcing.

3. Collect orders through the Internet to intelligent central factories for large-scale centralized production.

4. Complete delivery with self-built regional logistics (plant-store) and third-party express delivery (plant-person).

5. Pursue the goal of quicker and more environmentally friendly products and products in terms of efficiency, quality and cost.

It is a daunting task to truly achieve the above goals.

Blessed with information process

The blessings of God had chosen to develop independently. From the development of traditional printing to the development of to WeChat, as of 2016, BlessedNet has achieved automation in the entire plant. Users can upload photos themselves, pay for orders on the website, automatically synthesize documents, send them to the factory, check and print automatically, and all the links are completed by the e-commerce system. Even in the logistics sector, automatic sorting and packaging, automatic weighing response, and so on can be realized.

Unlike other companies, Blessing has its own R&D center. There are more than 40 R&D personnel and last year's R&D expenditure exceeds 7 million. Up to now, there are more than 20 invention patents and design patents and more than 30 software copyrights. In terms of talents, Tianyi Blessed together with the College of Industry, Education, and Research of Guangdong University of Light Industry to create an associate class. Most of these students will join the company as talent supplements.

Digital printing spring is coming

Digital printing ushered in its spring, with the following factors.

Competitive factors: Equipment suppliers have seen a healthy competition, which will reduce the cost of purchasing equipment and the cost of consumables.

Policy factors: In the near term, the country advocates green environmental protection, so traditional printing will be subject to certain restrictions. At the same time, the state is also strongly supporting scientific and technological innovation, and it is therefore helpful for the further development of digital printing.

At the same time, cross-border connectivity and smart manufacturing provide a broader application scenario for digital printing, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of digital printing. We can pay more attention to areas such as commercial printing, consumer imaging, industrial support, custom packaging, and on-demand publishing. At present, I think that there will be great development in these areas.

The spring of digital printing has arrived, but it is still a bit far from summer.

Finally, I hope that everyone will work together to make printing better and make printing a glory. Sense everyone.

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