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The Printing Of Carton Printing Plant Must Recognize The Network
Apr 03, 2018

The printing of carton printing plant must recognize the network printing fundamentals to face the future

First, Baidu "printing" will be more than billions of links, you build a printing site or platform, in fact, in 100 million of the same link in the sea, for your printing customers, built and did not build a difference is not big. 

Second, find a venture to burn money before, can not know Jingdong online mall. To the national market as the goal, from selling electrical appliances began to sell everything today, has not been profitable, but still can attract a wave of investment funds continue to invest, firewood has not broken.Network printing two or three years did not profit, you are soft, create a vote to stop the hand, white busy, why bother?

Third, the network printing product Manager, if not engaged in the printing factory Mister, to the IT industry to find, like to the Antarctic to find polar bears as difficult!

Four, the network platform can be outsourced, but if they do not have it capabilities, can not maintain development, the future network business changes must be faster than the traditional, looking for outsourcing software companies to write program support, may not support.

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