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The Reason Why Flexo Printing Is In The Field Of Flexible Packaging
Jan 11, 2019

Let me talk about the case of Hainan Yongguang. Hainan Yongguang is the first domestic manufacturer of flexographic 133 lines/inch plates printed on film and then dry-processed and processed food soft packaging. Its products were used in 1998. The first prize was won in the competition, but it eventually failed. why? Because in the field of food packaging, gravure has been 175 lines / inch of printing plates, and flexo printing can only use 133 lines / inch of printing plates, the quality level of the two is not in a grade. Moreover, the gravure dot can be faded to zero, but the flexo dot can only be attenuated to 2% to 3%, and there is a clear hard port at the edge of the smallest dot. In addition, multi-ply imposition is a prominent feature of the film composite soft bag market. The number of screen-added screens is low, and the sharpness of the image after imposition is greatly reduced. Flexo has also tried to increase the number of screens added to the printing plate, but the blocking failure will be obvious during the printing process, and the material loss will increase significantly. Therefore, no user is willing to accept flexo products. Without an order, the trial of Hainan Yongguang must fail.

So, what is the quality demand for flexo printing at this stage? In the past, it was often said that flexo printing is a flexo printing. It is different from gravure printing. It cannot be used to require flexo printing. This statement has been very popular in the industry, but the situation has changed. In 2013, the German Flexographic Technology Association (DFTA) called for further improvements in flexo quality and clearly stated three requirements: high definition, fine dots, and expanded color gamut. Moreover, our domestic flexo labels have reached the quality level of 175 lines/inch plates and 1% dots to zero. The stable production of the products indicates that the flexo printing process has matured.

The market has demanded higher quality flexo printing, but the existing film flexo printing still stagnate at the level of 133 lines/inch printing plate, so it can only be used in food composite flexible packaging doors with significantly higher quality requirements. Foreigner.

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