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The Role Of RFID/EPC Technology The Role Of Shenzhen RFID Express/EPC Technology In Packaging
- May 09, 2018 -

The purpose of packaging is to protect products, convey product information, and stimulate sales of products. RFID/EPC technology can help people to quickly identify goods and track goods. Therefore, it plays an important role in the circulation of goods. Because RFID tag technology is applied in the packaging process, this technology has attracted widespread attention in the packaging industry. The RFID/EPC technology is in an early stage in China, but its development potential is huge, and it will change the traditional application of barcode packaging technology:

  1, will change the traditional bar code labeling machine, labeling machine and read and write devices, the traditional bar code device will be changed to RFID tag production, paste and read and write devices.

  2. Improve the efficiency of management of packaged finished products. The bar code packaging technology can only identify one item at a time, and radio frequency identification can identify multiple items at a long distance, and can monitor the packaged product in near real-time, so that the efficiency of Shenzhen printing and packaging product management can be improved.

  3, to extend the concept of packaging, packaging in addition to the need to protect the product, convenient transportation, aesthetics and other functions, but also need to create RFID tags before the general information and sales of the necessary multimedia information.

      As a result, Shenzhen Printing can see that RFID/EPC technology has brought tremendous changes to the packaging field. In the near future, RFID/EPC technology will make packaging technology more efficient in information management.

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