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The Trend Of Packaging Of Fruit Bakery The Trend Of Smart Packaging Of Printed Fruit Bakery Products In Shenzhen
May 12, 2018

What is smart packaging? What does smart packaging bring? What is the trend of development? The following Shenzhen printing takes you to understand.

Through innovative thinking, intelligent packaging adds more new technologies such as mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties to the packaging, so that it has general packaging functions and some special properties to meet the special requirements and special environmental conditions of the goods. .

Take fruit-packaging company gripeSense as an example. The smart sensor on the fruit package label can sense the fruit aroma released when the fruit matures, thus telling consumers the maturity of the fruit through the change of color. It is divided into crisp (red) and mature (orange ) And juicy (yellow). ripeSense's smart packaging allows consumers to pick and buy their favorite fresh fruit, while greatly reducing waste.

The Japanese design studio TO-GENKYO designed the smart tag as a funnel design. The tag contains the basic information of the food and the product bar code. When the freshness of the food product gradually changes, the hourglass pattern will gradually change from white to dark blue. When buying at the store, or even after returning home, you can see if the ingredients are fresh just by looking at the color of the label.

The Global Smart Packaging Association, the active and smart packaging industry association (aipia), points out that the value of active and smart packaging currently on the market is as high as 1.35 billion euros, which is doubling every five years. The increased use of smart packaging for enhanced and waste reduction can make this number grow exponentially.

With the promotion of more affordable and mature technologies such as optics, radio frequency identification (RFID), biosensors, chemical sensors and gas sensors, the shelf life of all fresh products can be extended by several days, thereby greatly increasing the time and planning for process manufacturers. And income.

Intelligent packaging is divided into functional material intelligent packaging, structural intelligent packaging, and information-based intelligent packaging: functional materials intelligent packaging: through the application of new smart packaging materials, improve and increase the function of packaging to achieve and complete the purpose of specific packaging; Smart packaging: By adding or improving part of the packaging structure, the packaging has certain special features and intelligent features; information-based smart packaging: information that reflects the content of the package and its intrinsic quality and transportation, sales process is the most dynamic development And one of the foreground packaging technologies.


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